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Surname Azoff - Meaning and Origin

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Azoff: What does the surname Azoff mean?

The last name Azoff has origins that trace back to Jewish culture. It is a Yiddish name that is derived from the phrase “Ashkenazich”, which means German. This name was used to describe Ashkenazi Jews, or Jews from Central and Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages and Modern Period.

The original bearers of the Azoff name were known to be highly learned and successful individuals who led prominent communities throughout Europe. They were often referred to as scholars, rabbis, or merchant traders - terms that would remain associated with the family in centuries to come.

In more recent decades, the Azoff family has become known in the United States for philanthropy and business. Jack Azoff, founder of Live Nation Entertainment, and his son Irving Azoff, manager of The Eagles, are prime examples of the successes achieved through the family name.

Today, the Azoff surname is quite rare and primarily connected to the United States and Israel. The word “Azoff” itself is a reminder of the family’s rich history and accomplishments throughout Jewish culture. It is a meaningful legacy to carry forward wherever the Azoff name may go.

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Azoff: Where does the name Azoff come from?

The last name Azoff is believed to have origins in eastern Europe, specifically in Poland, Belarus, and Ukraine. The spelling of the surname was likely derived from the similarly sounding Yiddish word “asel,” which translates to “eagle.”

Today, the last name Azoff is fairly common in both the United States and Israel. In the U.S., it is mostly concentrated in states such as California, New York, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. In Israel, there are more than 1,000 people with the last name Azoff, primarily residing in the city of Tel Aviv and its metropolitan area, as well as other cities throughout the country.

The Azoff family is known to be divided into two distinct groups. The original branch of the family is said to have survived World War II and made their way to the United States in the 1950s, while the second branch of the family is believed to have remained in Israel.

The Azoff family is connected in various ways, with different members of the family active in entertainment, business, and philanthropy. For instance, Irwin Azoff is the CEO of Azoff Music Management, while his son, Irving Azoff, is a rock music manager. Additionally, philanthropist and real estate mogul Jeffrey Azoff has created the Jeffrey W. Azoff Foundation, which provides support for families in need and music programs that encourage youth to express themselves.

Variations of the surname Azoff

The surname Azoff originates from German and Russian language roots, and can have multiple variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. These include Ahzev, Azev, Azef, Azep, Azoffe, Azov, Azuf, and Ozoff. Other common spellings are Asoff, Aszoff, Azovf, Azzof, Azoof, Azouf, Aszolm, Aszol, Azol, and Azolm.

Variants of the surname Azoff have been found in German, Polish, and Jewish records. In Germany, it is most commonly found in the North German region, with some instances in Bavaria, Silesia and East Prussia. In Poland, it is most often found in Russian Empire records, with some instances in the former eastern regions of Prussia.

Outside of Germany and Poland, Azoff is an increasingly common surname in the United States, usually derived from individuals of Ashkenazi Jewish origin. The variation is usually attributed to transliterations of the surname during its passage from Russian to English. Common spellings found in the United States include Azov, Azof, Azoffe, Assof, and Asoff.

In addition, the surname Azoff also appears in Israel with various spellings and roots. It often appears as Ahzev, Azev or Azuf, stemming from the popular Ashkenazi roots of the surname.

Overall, Azoff has multiple spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin throughout Germany, Poland, Russia, the United States, and Israel.

Famous people with the name Azoff

  • Irving Azoff: Best known as an American music industry executive. He is the executive chairman and founder of Full Stop Management.
  • Jeffrey Azoff: American music manager and founder of Full Stop Management.
  • Gene Simmons: American rock musician and member of the rock band KISS. He was previously married to Shannon Tweed-Azoff.
  • Paul Stanley: American singer-songwriter and guitarist of the rock band KISS. He is also married to Erin Sutton, the daughter of Irving Azoff.
  • Maddie Azoff: American singer-songwriter and daughter of Jeffrey Azoff.
  • Michael Azoff: American executive, brother to Jeffrey Azoff and son of Irving Azoff.
  • Tory Azoff: Daughter of Irving Azoff and half-sister of Jeffrey and Michael Azoff.
  • Richard Azoff: Founder of the Bull and Bear Club in Los Angeles and brother of Irving Azoff.
  • Andy Azoff: British businessperson and CEO of Priam Capital, and brother to Irving Azoff.
  • Robby Azoff: American author, consultant, and brother to Jeffrey and Michael Azoff.
  • Shep Gordon: American talent agent and manager, and brother-in-law to Irving Azoff.

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