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Surname Baarth - Meaning and Origin

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Baarth: What does the surname Baarth mean?

The last name Baarth is of Dutch origin and is derived from a Dutch place name. This is most likely a variant of the Dutch name of Barneveld, a city in the province of Gelderland. The surname Baarth is also found in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

The meaning of the name Baarth is unclear. Some sources suggest it may refer to a place of baronage, or a town owned by a baron. Others speculate that it may be from the old Dutch word “baerde” which means “cleared land,” or the Old Norse word “bera” which means “bear.” The most recent records for the name in the Netherlands date to the 17th century.

The name Baarth is most common in the Netherlands where it ranks the 801st most popular name. It is also found in the United States, although much less commonly. Baarth is most likely a remnant of Dutch colonial history in the New World.

Baarth has many different variations depending on cultural context and regional dialect. In Dutch, the name is spelled “Baarth” or “Baard,” while variations in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish are “Boar,” “Boer,” and “Baer.”

The meaning of the name Baarth remains unclear, but its origin in Dutch colonial history is certain. The name represents a link between the Netherlands and the countries that have adopted its variants.

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Baarth: Where does the name Baarth come from?

The last name Baarth is common in various parts of the world, from Europe to the United States.

In Europe, most people with this last name live in Germany, with some surname holders also living in Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Specifically, Baarth is most commonly found in regions such as Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg in Germany (especially around Frankfurt).

In the United States, there are fewer people with the surname, but it can be found particularly throughout the midwest, with some people with the last name originating from Germany, Poland, and other European countries. It is also present in states such as New Jersey, New York, and Texas.

In addition to the United States and Europe, some people with the surname Baarth are also located in Australia, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria.

Overall, the Baarth surname is widely established in Europe and other parts of the world, however there is a higher concentration in certain areas, with Germany and the United States being the most common.

Variations of the surname Baarth

The surname Baarth is most commonly spelled Barthal or Barth. It is also sometimes spelled Barhtal, Barhtel, Berthael, Bärthle, Bärthlein or Bärthlin.

The variant spellings of the surname Baarth are mainly found in Germany, where it is a relatively common name. In some cases, there can also be a slight difference in the pronunciations. For example, the more commonly used spelling Bärthlein is pronounced "bahrt-LEEN" while, more rarely, Bärthlin may be pronounced as "bahrt-LIN".

The variants of the surname Baarth have some elemental changes, but are all originally based on the same name. In German, the original form Baarth has changed as it has been passed down through generations in different dialects or with slight changes in spelling in different regions.

The surname Baarth is also found in the Netherlands and other nearby countries. There, it is most commonly spelled as Berthael, Baerthael, Berthal or Barthas. The Dutch versions of this surname differ markedly from the German ones, often being longer and featuring many more syllables.

Through history, many family members have adopted different surnames or spellings due to civil unrest or migration, resulting in a proliferation of variants. Other related surnames include Baard, Baers, Bartsch, Berthling, Bartsch, Bartholin and Baerthlein.

Famous people with the name Baarth

  • Viggo Mortensen: Actor, musician and author
  • Marit Larsen: Singer
  • Yngve Baarth: Olympic swimmer
  • Katrine Baarth: Norwegian style blogger
  • Jakob Baarth: Norwegian singer and songwriter
  • Thore Baarth: Norwegian actor
  • Ola Baarth: Norwegian diver
  • Kristoffer Baard Kopperud: Norwegian stand-up comedian
  • Astyn Lund Baarth: Norwegian opera singer
  • Ingeborg Baarth: Norwegian author and journalist

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