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Surname Bacca - Meaning and Origin

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Bacca: What does the surname Bacca mean?

Bacca is a surname with multiple potential origins and meanings. It may be derived from Italian, where "bacca" translates to "berry", suggesting ancestral involvement in fruit farming or selling. In the medieval period, surnames often related to a person's job or trade, so the name could be associated with those in the agriculture industry, winemakers, or grocers.

In Latin, 'bacca' also means 'berry', further connotating a connection to cultivation or nature.

In Spanish, "bacca" doesn't have a direct translation, but it resembles "vaca," meaning "cow", implying a potential connection with cattle farming or dairy production.

It is also prevalent in places with strong Italian and Spanish influences, like Southern Italy, Spain, and Latin America. Each region may have specific interpretations of this surname.

However, it's important to remember that surnames can also be derived from geographical locations, nicknames, or simply through familial lineage, making the precise definition of "Bacca" variable.

In pop culture, Chewbacca from Star Wars is often referred to as “Chewie” or “Bacca,” which doesn't have a specific meaning but acts as a nickname for the character.

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Bacca: Where does the name Bacca come from?

The surname Bacca is most commonly found in the small town of Baccano, Italy, located in the province of Caserta. The town was first established in the 11th century and has remained relatively small over the centuries, with the current population estimated to be around 660. The majority of the people who live in the town today still bear the surname Bacca, though a few other distinct family names have been documented in the region as well.

Outside of Baccano, the name Bacca is much less common, though still present in Italy and other countries around the Mediterranean. In Italy, there are substantial concentrations of Baccas in Campanie, Lazio, and Lombardia, and the north-western part of the country more generally. It is also known to be present in countries like France and Germany, as well as countries like Switzerland and Belgium.

In the United States, the surname Bacca is moderately present, though its distribution is likely the result of emigration from Europe. Those with the last name Bacca in the States seem to be primarily clustered on the eastern seaboard, with particularly large numbers of Baccas living in New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Smaller numbers can be found in other parts of the United States, including Florida, California, and Pennsylvania.

Variations of the surname Bacca

The surname Bacca can be spelled in multiple forms, such as Bacça, Bacha, Baccah, Baccha, Bacche, Bacci, Baccius, Bacco, Baccka, Bach, Bacha, Bache, Bachi, Bachy, Bacia, Baciao, Bacc, Bacca, Bacca', Baccaillo, Bacchi, Back, Backa, Baco, Bacon, Bacs, Baconn, Bacska, Backo, Bacque, and Baccus.

The surname Bacca originated from multiple languages. The Spanish version of Bacca comes from the a shortened form of the name Baccaria which was found in Cantabria, a region North of Spain, meaning “he who wins”. Similarly, the Italian version Bacca originated from the Latin name Bacius which means “powerful”, and was also found in Italy centuries ago. The surname was also refrenced in the name Bacchetto, which was used by Italian jews as a patronymic surname.

Bacca can also be used as a nickname, derived from the Roman family name Baccius, which was ultimately derived from the words 'bacca' and 'baccus' which translates to ‘grape’ and ‘full of grapes.’ Similarly, the English variation Bacon comes from the German word Baken which is derived from the the surname Backen which referred to “one who bake” or worked with baking equipment.

In Brazil, Germanic settlers used the surname Bacca as a habitation name which referred to people who lived by a stream or brook. In Russis, Bacca is derived from the word “Baxog' which means “windmill keeper”.

In conclusion, while the exact source of the Bacca surname is uncertain, the variant spellings and its origins from multiple languages and cultures serves as a testament to its longevity.

Famous people with the name Bacca

  • Mario Balotelli
  • Mario Balotelli's Brother, Enoch Barwuah
  • Filippo Bacca, Italian footballer
  • Gabriele Bacca, Italian footballer
  • Elio Baccarelli, Italian painter
  • Kate Baccam, American figure skater
  • John Baccarat, American actor
  • Gil Baccaglini, Brazilian footballer
  • Jarryd Bacca, Australian tennis player
  • Jean-Marc Bacca, French rugby union player
  • Stephen Baccam, Lao American writer
  • Marcelo Bacca, Colombian footballer
  • Giuseppe Baccari, Italian footballer
  • Roberto Baccari, Italian footballer
  • Francesco Bacca, Colombian footballer
  • Eddie Baccus, American jazz musician
  • Bacca, Brazilian footballer
  • Elvezio Bacca, Italian historian and politician
  • Giovanni Baccari, Italian architect
  • Alexandre Gomes Bacca, Brazilian aeronautical engineer

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Bacca is a surname of English origin, specifically from Middle English or Medieval English, it was a common surname in England during the 15th and 16th centuries. Its correct pronunciation is: (Bae'k) (Collins dictionary). Its direct variants are:
Baccart, Baccant, Back, Backs, Backes, Bax, Baccard, Baccand, Bacchae, Baccett, Baccell, Baccae, Bacall, Baccall, Bacon, Baccon, Baccaert, Bacce, Baccarat, Beccon, Baccd, Baccus, Beacon, and Baccas.
Bibliography: Books. A DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH SURNAMES by P.H.REANEY Litt.D., Ph.D., F.S.A. Third edition with corrections and additions by R.M.WILSON M.A. LONDON AND NEW YORK) (Page 148).

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