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Surname Bachel - Meaning and Origin

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Bachel: What does the surname Bachel mean?

The last name Bachel is an occupational name derived from the French word "bachelier", meaning an "unmarried man". This was a word used to describe someone who was a scholar or student, particularly a young man who was preparing to accomplish certain tasks in order to become a knight.

During the middle ages, many people with the last name Bachel were involved in the pursuit of chivalry and knighthood. They often accompanied knights or were part of their retinue. In France, there was even a court of law, known as the "Cour des Bacheliers", which dealt only with cases involving bachelors.

Today, the name Bachel is still quite common in France as well as some other parts of Europe. It is also sometimes found in the United States, though it is not as common. Those who bear the name Bachel often possess qualities of determination and progress, which were appreciated during the chivalric age.

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Bachel: Where does the name Bachel come from?

The last name Bachel is most commonly found today in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It is an occupational surname that originates from the Swiss-German word “bachel”, meaning “cowherd” or “oxherd”. The oldest recorded Bachels in Switzerland lived in the 16th century, in the Swiss canton of Appenzell.

Today, there are still many Bachel families living in the original canton. However, due to the popularization and growth of the surname over the years, Bachel families can now be found throughout Switzerland, and throughout the German speaking region. In particular, there are high concentrations of the surname in the German states of Bavaria and Hesse, as well as the Austrian states of Tyrol and Salzburg.

The Bachel surname is most commonly found in areas where the German language is spoken, and though the original meaning of the name has been lost over the centuries, it is still a very common surname in these areas.

Variations of the surname Bachel

The surname Bachel or Bachal is a German language name, derived from the biblical name 'Bachal' meaning 'Son of God', and was also the birthplace of the ancient Jewish hereditary Priesthood in Bethlehem. The variants, spellings, and surnames of this origin may include:

Bachl, Backle, Bächel, Bachle, Bächl, Bachli, Bächli, Bachling, Bächling, Bochel, Bochle, Böchel, Böchl, Bochele, Böchele, Böchler, Böchi, Böchli, Böckle, Böckl, Bokel, Bökel, Bochling, Böchling, Bächer, Bächerl, Bekle, Bekles, Bekl, Bekle, Beckle, Beckl, Beckel, Beckeln, Beckler, Beckling, and Becklin.

In addition to regional variations, the last name Bachal or Bachel can be found spelled in different languages throughout Europe. For example, in Spain, the variations of this surname may include Bachal, Bachale, Bachall, Bachallo, Bachalot, Bachal, and Bachano. Additionally, the surnames Bachelier and Bachelin are associated with the name due to the French background, and Bachelor can be found in the United Kingdom.

The surname Bachel can be found throughout various countries in Europe such as Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and the United States. It is also a common Jewish surname, and has recently evolved to Bacal, Bekal, Bachel, and Beckal in modern times.

Famous people with the name Bachel

  • Ludovic Bachel, French footballer
  • Léon Bachel, French footballer
  • Hubert Bachel, German sculptor
  • Karl Bachel, German molecular biologist
  • Ernst Bachel, German footballer
  • Fritz Bachel, German publishing executive
  • Gabriel Bachel, French rugby union player
  • Jan Bachel, Czech-German clergyman
  • Johann Bachel, German theologian
  • Viktor Bachel, German actor
  • Horst Bachel, German jazz musician
  • Lothar Bachel, German painter
  • Petra Bachel, German singer
  • Ruth Bachel, Austrian neurologist
  • Roel Bachel, Dutch photographer
  • Yvonne Bachel, French administrator
  • Pierre Bachel, French cyclist
  • Charles Bachel, French politician
  • Stephane Bachel, French rugby union player
  • Gilbert Bachel, French painter

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