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Surname Bachilor - Meaning and Origin

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Bachilor: What does the surname Bachilor mean?

The last name Bachelor has a few different possible origins. It may be derived from an English word meaning ‘a younger son of a noble family’, referring to a military rank or an apprenticeship in a particular trade. It has also been suggested that the name may have French roots, signifying a young unmarried man.

In the United States, Bachelor was most likely derived from the English meaning of ‘a younger son of a noble family’, referring to a military rank. This would be linked to the original bearer of the name in the US being either a Knight or Officer in the military.

The surname Bachilor could also be of Scottish origin. In this case, it would refer to an unmarried man who was still in the employ of his master. Alternatively, it may have originated from a nickname for a young unmarried man or someone who held the bachelor's degree.

Other possible sources of the name include the German word ‘bachler’, which means a steward or bailiff, or the Scottish word ‘bachlor’, which means an apprentice.

Overall, it can be said that the last name Bachelor is most likely derived from an old English word meaning a younger son of a noble family or an unmarried man. Whatever the origin of the name, it has certainly stood the test of time as a venerable and respected family name.

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Bachilor: Where does the name Bachilor come from?

The last name Bachilor is primarily found in the United States and Canada, where it is the 54,489th most common last name. It is most commonly found in Pennsylvania and New York. Currently, there are over 4,180 people with the last name Bachilor in the United States.

The last name Bachilor has German origins, and is thought to have arrived as an occupational title in the United States in the 19th century. It may be derived from the word bachelier, meaning student or scholar, originally referring to a young man who was expected to take up a scholarly profession in his adult life. It is possible that those with the surname Bachilor have ancestral roots in Germany, based on its geographical and linguistic roots.

The surname Bachilor is also found in Poland. Though it is less common than in the United States and Canada, it is still ranked as the 10,957 most common last name in the country. In the 18th century, many German people migrated to Poland, hence Bachilor was likely brought to the country during this period.

The Bachilor surname is also common in France, ranking as its 15,726th most common last name, though it is not as prevalent as in the United States and Canada. Nevertheless, it was likely brought to France by German immigrants like it was in Poland.

The name Bachilor is also very rare in England, where it is the 216,113th most common name. It is thought to have arrived in England from both Germany and some parts of Northern France.

Variations of the surname Bachilor

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Bachilor include Bachaler, Bachelour, Bachellor, Bachellour, Bachilor, Bachillor, Bachiller, Bachillour, Batchallor, Batchillor, Batchilor, Batchillor, Batchelor, and Batchellor.

Bachilor is an English language surname that is thought to have its origin in the Old French forename Bacheler, or Bachelier, which means bachelor. In much later times Bacheler came to be used as an occupational surname for a young bachelor in the service of a noble family, a squire, a low-ranking soldier, or a tenant farmer.

The spelling of Bachilor saw the transition to Middle English in the 13th and 14th centuries. It was adapted to the English language in a myriad of ways - from Bachilor, Batchelour, Bachaler and Bachellor, to Bachillour, Batchillor, and Batchilor.

Variants of the surname have further evolved, becoming more modernized along the way, resulting in Batchelor, which has become the widely adopted spelling. The surname is not particularly frequent in the United States but still remains common across England, Wales, and Scotland.

Famous people with the name Bachilor

  • Melissa Bachilor: Canadian singer and reality TV contestant on season 3 of Canadian Idol.
  • Peter Bachilor: American stuntman and stunt coordinator.
  • Phil Bachilor: American stand-up comedian and actor.
  • Anya Bachilor: Canadian actress, television host, and producer.
  • Nick Bachilor: British musician and songwriter.
  • Carol Bachilor: American painter
  • Dave Beta Bachilor: Americanoley Meathook drummer.
  • Bryan Bachilor: American dancer/choreographer.
  • Everett Bachilor Jr.: American Olympic diver, who competed in the 1976 Summer Olympics.
  • Matthew Bachilor: Australian professional golfer, who has been playing in the European Tour since 2003.

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