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Surname Bachmayer - Meaning and Origin

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Bachmayer: What does the surname Bachmayer mean?

The last name Bachmayer is of German origin and is a descriptive surname derived from the German word ‘bach’ meaning ‘stream’ and ‘mayer’ meaning ‘mayor’. Together, the combination of these two words indicates the occupation of the person who had the surname, as a mayor of a stream. This surname was probably adopted by people who originated from a towns and villages near a stream, as the surname alludes to a position of local authority near a small body of water.

The last name Bachmayer is found all over Germany, along with other countries that have German-speaking populations, such as Switzerland, Austria, and the Netherlands. As it is a surname based on German terms, people who have the surname have a Germanic heritage. The surname can also be found in the United States, where it has been passed down for generations since immigrants coming from Germany began arriving in the early 19th century.

Bachmayer is also a notable surname, having been used by influential people such as German botanist and fiction writer Dr. Friedrich Bachmayer and German art director and production designer Rolf Zehetbauer. As a result of this communal appreciation, the name is commonly connected to one of high standing in society.

Overall, the last name Bachmayer is derived from the combination of German words that suggest some kind of authority near a small body of water. This surname was commonly found in areas with German-speaking populations around Europe, followed by its successful traffick to the United States. Furthermore, the surname is linked to influence since it has been held by notable people.

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Bachmayer: Where does the name Bachmayer come from?

The last name Bachmayer is most commonly found today in Austria and Germany. According to the German Genealogy Institute, it is a fairly common name throughout both countries, and is most heavily concentrated in the states of Bavaria, Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also found in smaller numbers in several other countries, including Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the United States.

The name itself is derived from the German verb “bauen”, meaning “build” or “construct”. This suggests that the name’s earliest power holders were builders or constructors. It might also refer to a stone mason, or a maker of wooden tools, which were essential in this part of Europe in the Middle Ages.

The earliest known usage of the name Bachmayer dates back to the 12th century, when a Rudolf Bochmayer was mentioned in records from Sulzberg Castle in Austria. Since then, the name has survived the centuries and is still very common in Austria and Germany today. Variations on the name can also be found in several other countries, including the United States, where it is sometimes spelt as “Baechmayer”.

Variations of the surname Bachmayer

The surname Bachmayer is a German occupational surname which translates to “Baker” and has its origin in Bavaria. There are several variants, spellings and surnames that have the origin of the name Bachmayer, such as Backmeier, Bächmaiers, Baeckmeier, Bächmayer, Bakmeier, Bakmaier, Bakmeyer, Bexmeiers, Bexmaiers, Bexmaier, Bexmeyer, Bachmeiers, and Bachmaiers. Some of these variations have a slight spelling difference which might have originated by people interpreting the name differently when they wrote it down or the spelling having evolved over time.

Bachmayer is also found in some other countries such as Austria and Switzerland, and may have variations in how they are spelled. In Austria, names such as Bachmaier, Bockmaier, Bockmeir, Bocxeier, Buchmaier, Bucxmeier and Buchmeier have similar origins to Bachmayer. In Switzerland, names such as Bachemayer, Bächmayer, Bakmeier and Bächmeier have similar origins.

There are some other, more modern variants of this surname which are found in countries such as the United States, Canada, and Australia. Surnames such as Bachmyer, Bockmyer, Bachemire, Bachemeyer, Bechmeyer and Bachemyer have similar origins to Bachmayer.

In short, the surname Bachmayer has been around for centuries and it has many different spellings, variants and surnames with similar origins. These variants can be traced back to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Famous people with the name Bachmayer

  • Markus Bachmayer, Austrian weightlifter
  • Christine Bachmayer, German politician
  • Nany Bachmayer, Israeli-American poet
  • Elly Bachmayer, German contralto singer
  • Annemarie Bachmayer, Austrian actress
  • Paul Bachmayer, Hungarian-American clarinetist
  • Adam Bachmayer, Austrian cricket player
  • Karl Bachmayer, Austrian actor
  • Othmar Bachmayer, Austrian politician
  • Alfred Bachmayer, Austrian mountaineer
  • Karl-Heinz Bachmayer, Austrian alpine skier
  • Eduardo Bachmayer, Argentine rugby union player
  • Janetta Bachmayer, Austrian violinist
  • Romy Bachmayer, Austrian journalist
  • Fritz Bachmayer, Austrian Muay Thai fighter
  • Wolfgang Bachmayer, Austrian sculptor
  • Patrick Bachmayer, German footballer
  • Johann Baptist Bachmayer, Austrian goldsmith
  • Hilda Maria Bachmayer, Austrian sculptor
  • Oscar Bachmayer, Austrian painter

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