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Surname Bachmeir - Meaning and Origin

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Bachmeir: What does the surname Bachmeir mean?

The last name Bachmeir (also spelled Bachmeyer, Bachermeier, Bachemeir, Bachermeir, Bachemier, Bachmier, and Bachmayer) is believed to be German in origin. It is thought to be derived from the Middle High German word “bachmeier,” which translates to “watermaster” or “keeper of the stream.”

The name first appeared in documents in the 1300s. It is thought that this name would have most likely been given to someone who worked for the lord, or was an overseer of a stream, with their job being to ensure that water moved freely from one place to another. This could also have been a title given to a person responsible for collecting taxes or other payments at a stream.

The name represents an occupation that was of vital importance in a country that relied heavily on agriculture and water transport, as rivers and streams would have been essential for irrigation or for transporting goods.

Today, many people with the Bachmeir name still live in Germany, as well as other countries around the world, such as the United States and Canada. While the meaning of the name hasn’t changed over the centuries, its spelling has varied from region to region.

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Bachmeir: Where does the name Bachmeir come from?

The last name Bachmeir is most commonly found today in countries that were once part of the German-speaking world. This includes Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and parts of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. In some countries, such as in the United States, the name may have been Anglicized into "Becker" in earlier centuries.

In Germany, the name is most popular in northwestern states such as Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bremen. It is less common in the states of Bavaria and Saarland. In 2020, it ranked 27,915th on a list of the most popular surnames in Germany.

In Austria, the name iscommon in the states of Burgenland, Lower Austria, and Vienna. It ranks 28,834th in terms of popularity.

In Switzerland, Bachmeir is most popular in the canton of Zurich and ranks as the 13,931st most popular surname.

In the Czech Republic, the name is common mainly in the area of Bohemia, particularly in the region of Plzeň.

Variations of the surname Bachmeir

The surname Bachmeir is derived from the German language and has several variants, spellings, and surnames which are all of the same origin.

The most common spelling for the Bachmeir name is Bachmeier, which is defined as “meadow dweller” in German. This spelling variant is closely related to its spellings Bachmeyer, Bachmaier, and Bachmeyer. All of these spellings are also derived from the same German language root and are usually found in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

The surname Bachmeir is also directly related to the names Bachmann, Bachman, or Bachmans, which all stem from the same German root. The name Bachman has also been translated to mean “man of the meadow”. The associated names Bachorski or Bachorsky have the same meaning, but originated from a Polish root.

In addition to the listed names, Bachmeir is also related to a few other surnames due to its German roots. Some of these related names include Bachinger, Bachhorn, Bachhofer, Bachhäuser, and Bachl. All of these spellings and related surnames can be traced back to the same root, with many still being used in current generations.

Famous people with the name Bachmeir

  • Len Bachmeier: American lawyer and politician
  • Judy Bachmeier: American poet and playwright
  • Glen Bachmeier: Australian Olympian boxer
  • Vanna Bachmeier: Slovakian soprano
  • Shane Bachmeier: American professional golfer
  • Karl Bachmeier: German sculptor
  • Kenneth Bachmeier: American rower
  • Lars Bachmeier: German footballer
  • Bruce Bachmeier: American aerospace engineer
  • Ben Bachmeier: American business professor

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