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Surname Bachner - Meaning and Origin

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Bachner: What does the surname Bachner mean?

The last name Bachner is of German origin, likely derived from the Middle High German words “bach” and “ari” which translate roughly to “river” and “eagle” respectively. Historically, it was used to denote a person who lived near a river or stream and was associated with a bird - quite likely the same eagle which prominently features as a German national symbol.

In more recent times, the Bachner surname has evolved to mean a family who not only lives near water but also succeeds at what they do. For example, many families with this surname have been noted for their successes in business, farming, and music.

One well-known example of a Bachner success story is Johann Sebastian Bach. Not only did he become a prominent German composer of the Baroque era, his works are still performed today. His awards include the lifetime title of Imperial Court Composer for the Elector of Saxony and were influential to generations of composers and musicians.

In Grimm’s German Dictionary, the Bachner surname is seen as an example of someone who enjoyed success and were highly regarded by others. This is further evidenced by the continued popularity of the surname centuries after Johann Sebastian Bach's death.

Overall, the surname Bachner demonstrates a strong connection to a long-standing German culture that has achieved success across many avenues. Its origin story speaks of the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, while its continued relevance symbolizes a family and culture that continues to strive for excellence.

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Bachner: Where does the name Bachner come from?

The last name Bachner is common today throughout Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic. It is also increasingly common in the United Kingdom, especially in larger cities such as London.

The origins of the Bachner surname are believed to be Germanic, derived from the medieval personal name Bacho. It is likely an occupational name, referring to a tenant farmer or a woodsman, and is most commonly found in the Bavarian region of Germany.

In addition, the Bachner name is popular in the United States, especially in the states of New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Ohio. The number of people with the Bachner surname in the United States has grown steadily since the late 19th century, drawn to the country by opportunity.

The Bachner surname also appears in other Western and Central European countries, including Switzerland, France, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Belgium and Romania. The Bachner name can also be found more broadly across the world, with families having migrated, relocated and immigrated in recent decades.

Variations of the surname Bachner

The surname Bachner has many variants and spellings, including Bächner, Bachmeier, Bachener, Bächnerin, Bächnering, Bakhner, Böchner, Böhmer, and Böhner. All of these surnames are of German origin and have the same derivative meaning which translates to "a resident of a small, fortified settlement". This term was often used to refer to people who lived in small villages, particularly near rivers or streams in Germany.

The surname Bachner is also derived from the German word bach, which means "stream or water". This term was often used to refer to those who resided close to a river, stream, or water source, or to someone who had a strong connection to water.

The surname Bachner was adopted to emphasize a person's place of birth or residence. This surname was also used to signify a familial connection through marriage or descent.

Today, Bachner remains a popular surname in Germany, especially in Bavaria and other parts of the South. It can also be found throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada among other emigrants who ventured to these places in search of a better life.

Famous people with the name Bachner

  • Damien Bachner: German professional footballer
  • Olivia Bachner: Austrian journalist and television presenter
  • Georg Bachner: German composer
  • Ludwig Bachner: German physicist
  • Bernhard von Bachner: Austrian Austrian colonel, politician and art collector
  • James Bachner: American biochemist
  • Hans Bachner: German chemist
  • Eva Maibachner: German operatic soprano
  • Richard Bachner: German actor
  • Alfred Bachner: German founder of Bachner Hoist & Crane

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