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Surname Bachrach - Meaning and Origin

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Bachrach: What does the surname Bachrach mean?

The last name Bachrach is an Ashkenazic Jewish surname, primarily originating from Germany. It is derived from the German word bach meaning “brook" or "stream.” It is believed to have begun as a nickname for someone living near a brook or stream. This surname was first recorded in Germany in the 1500s and spread to other countries. It is also found in Jewish communities in the United States, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and Russia.

The surname Bachrach is associated with several notable figures, both past and present. Archbishop William Henry Elder of Cincinnati adopted it and former US Secretary of the Navy Elihu Yale is descended from a long-time Bachrach family in New England. Another notable Bachrach is Sir John Richard Bach, a former British Army officer who served as the Commander-in-Chief of Allied Land Forces during the Second World War. Additionally, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Sidney Bachrach was an influential journalist who founded several newspapers in Chicago.

The Bachrach family is linked to several notable achievements. They became involved in banking, and several business enterprises such as banking, real estate, and insurance. It is believed that the Bachrach were originally a prominent family in Germany, as their strong interest in academics and leadership roles can be traced back to the family’s roots. Their descendants continue to carry the Bachrach name today, with many members of the family living all around the world.

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Bachrach: Where does the name Bachrach come from?

The last name Bachrach is most commonly found in Germany today. This family name is of German origin and is derived from the German word “bacher,” which means “brook” or “stream.” It is estimated that there are currently around 20,000 individuals in Germany carrying the Bachrach last name.

The Bachrach surname can also be found in other Jewish populations, European countries, and even in the United States. The largest concentration of Bachrachs in the U.S. can be found in New York City where it is estimated that there are around 2,000 people carrying the last name, predominantly among the Hasidic and Orthodox Jewish communities.

Outside of the U.S. and Germany, the last name Bachrach can also be found in Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine. For many Bachrachs, their family name is a point of pride as it has been in use for centuries and has come to represent a strong Jewish identity.

Variations of the surname Bachrach

The surname 'Bachrach' has variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. One example of a variant would be 'Bacharach', which is an alternate spelling of the surname that still has the same origin. Other variants include 'Bacher', 'Bachert', 'Becht', 'Bechtel' and 'Bacht'. Surnames of the same origin but slightly different spelling include 'Bockrath', 'Bokrat', and 'Bockhorst'.

In Europe, one of the oldest lines of this particular surname is believed to have begun in the Rhineland-Palatinate region which was part of the Holy Roman Empire. The name originates from two words in German; 'bach' meaning stream or brook, and 'rat' meaning counsel. Over the centuries, the name has been spelled in various forms.

In the United States, most people bearing the Bachrach surname are descended of Jewish immigrants who left Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Americanized spellings are based on the region of origin, dialect, and translation of the surname to English.

Today, the Bachrach surname is quite common, particularly in the United States, Israel, Germany, and Austria. Many people are proud of their roots and carry on the family legacy, using the same or a slightly altered spelling.

Famous people with the name Bachrach

  • David Bachrach: An American photographer, best known for his portraits of late-nineteenth century American politicians, including Abraham Lincoln.
  • Robert Bachrach: A French-American physicist and educator who taught at MIT and UC Berkeley.
  • Cissy Bachrach: A German-born film and television actress who immigrated to the U.S. at a young age, eventually appearing in a number of Hollywood classics from the 1920s: 1930s.
  • Charles Bachrach: An American lawyer and banker who served in the United States Marine Corps during World War II, later becoming a prominent business executive and pioneer in the field of venture capital.
  • Michael Bachrach: A British theatre, film and television actor who has appeared in numerous popular shows such as Scrubs and Men Behaving Badly.
  • Marc Bachrach: An American art historian, author and Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of California, Davis.
  • Harvey A. Bachrach: A United States Air Force four-star general who commanded U.S. forces during the Vietnam War.
  • Paul A. Bachrach: An American politician from California who served as a state representative for several terms and was a member of the California State Assembly from 1938: 1942.
  • Bernard J. Bachrach: An American medievalist and university professor who specialized in the study of medieval military history.
  • Grete Bachrach: A German physicist and astrophysicist who made important contributions to the study of cosmic rays.

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