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Surname Bachschmid - Meaning and Origin

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Bachschmid: What does the surname Bachschmid mean?

The last name Bachschmid is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word bache, which means a type of low-level official. This surname was likely held by someone who was a local official of some kind during the medieval era.

The Bachschmid name could refer to a steward of an estate, a type of court officer or gatekeeper, or a minor type of bailiff. It could also have been a local judge or sheriff in some cases. In other contexts, it may have been a surname given to the head of a craft guild or group of craftsmen.

The literal translation of Bachschmid is ‘bailiff managed’ and refers to the position someone held in the Middle Ages as an officer of the court or local administrator. This surname could even refer to a professional soldier or fencing master in some cases.

The Bachschmid surname is an interesting example of an old German profession and may have been passed down through the generations as a reminder of the family’s history. Whilst it may no longer reflect the general occupations of those who bear the surname, it continues to evoke a sense of pride and tradition for many.

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Bachschmid: Where does the name Bachschmid come from?

The last name Bachschmid is most commonly found in Austria and parts of Germany. This surname is an occupational name derived from the Middle High German word "bachschmide" which translates to "smith of brooks" or "smith of creeks". This indicates that the original bearer of the surname Bachschmid was probably a metal smith who lived near a stream.

Today, the last name Bachschmid is still mostly found in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland as well as other countries with large German populations such as Canada, the United States, Australia, and Argentina. It is also found, albeit more rarely, in some other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden.

In Austria, the popularity of the last name Bachschmid is relatively high. The name has been recorded in Austria since at least the early 14th century. In Austria, approximately 2,200 people currently bear this surname, which makes it the 277th most common family name in the country.

In Germany, the family name is currently ranked as the 4,112th most common name in the country. There are approximately 455 people with this surname living in Germany today.

As the world has become more connected through technology and migration, it is likely that the surname Bachschmid can be found in more countries as populations begin to intermingle and move around the globe.

Variations of the surname Bachschmid

Bachschmid is an old name from German-speaking countries which was originally used to denote a smith who mainly worked with bach (an old German word for lead). Today there are many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for Bachschmid.

Some of the various spelling variants and related surnames include Bachsmit, Bachemid, Bachschmied, Bachemsmith, Bachtel, Bachteler, Batchel or Batchelor. Other related surnames include Bachstetter, Beckschmidt, Beckschmied, and Bachmeister.

The name Bachschmid is also known in other languages, such as Dutch, where it is spelled as Bacchsmid. In the Netherlands, the related surname Bakkesmeijer is also used.

In Austria, the related surname Baxschmid is used, while in Poland the surname Bankiewicz is often used as a variation of Bachschmid.

In Switzerland, a further variation of Bachschmid is Bätschmid, which is also prevalent in Liechtenstein.

In Italy, the related surname Baccamida is sometimes used, while in the Czech Republic Bachamid is a variation of Bachschmid.

To sum up, there are various variants, spellings and related surnames of the same origin for Bachschmid, depending on the language, region and country in which it is used.

Famous people with the name Bachschmid

  • Johann Christian Bachschmid (1706-1764) German composer
  • Ludwig Bachschmid (1803-1872) German painter
  • Max Bachschmid (1872:1958) German classical philologist and historian
  • Paul Bachschmid (1875-1948) Swiss physical chemist
  • Albert Bachschmid (1893–1987) German mathematician
  • Gerd Bachschmid (1928–2010) German electrical engineer
  • Adelheid Bachschmid (born 1936) German painter
  • Matthias Bachschmid (born 1957) German lawyer and politician
  • Carolin Bachschmid (born 1961) Austrian journalist and presenter
  • Thomas Bachschmid (born 1966) German author, journalist and consultant.

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