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Surname Bäckert - Meaning and Origin

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Bäckert: What does the surname Bäckert mean?

The last name Bäckert is a German and Swedish surname derived from the Middle High German word Bäck. It is thought to have first been adopted by someone who worked as a baker, either professionally or as an apprentice. The name Bäckert is a combination of the words Bäck, meaning baker, and -ert, meaning "one who does or makes". As a patronymic surname, Bäckert often referenced the male head of a family or an individual in their ancestral line.

Throughout the centuries, many of the Bäckert family emigrated from Germany and Sweden to the United States, and more widely across North America. The name is now most common in potted form, with the occasional variant forms of Baeckert and Bäckardt, both common in Sweden.

The Bäckert surname is most commonly found in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, respectively, as well as in parts of Canada, with some members of the Bäckert family tracing their lineage back to Germany and Sweden. More recently, a few members of the family have settled in Texas and Louisiana.

Whether of German, Swedish, or North American origin, the Bäckert family has a proud and long-held tradition of strong values, hard work, and a sense of community. To this day, many members of the Bäckert family strive to uphold the proud legacy that came with the surname.

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Bäckert: Where does the name Bäckert come from?

The last name Bäckert is common in several German-speaking countries such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It is also found in other countries, including the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and the United States.

The surname originates from the German title for a baker, and is a variation of the common occupational surname of Becker. Bäckert is thought to have first appeared in documents around the fifteenth century, primarily in Upper Austria and Bavaria. Records show that there were several variants of the name, including Bäcker, Bäck, Bäckl, Bäk and Bäkert.

Today, Bäckert is most commonly seen in Germany, particularly in Bavaria where it is the 23rd most common surname. In Austria, it is the 32nd most popular name and Slovakia the 19th.

The popularity of the name can be attributed to its occupational origin and, in some cases, to notable individuals such as the German industrialist and politician who went by the name of Johann Georg Bäckert or the Austrian fighter pilot Rudolf Bäckert.

The name Bäckert is still used by many families worldwide, including in North America. The United States alone has more than 4800 people with this surname, mostly in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon and California.

Variations of the surname Bäckert

The surname Bäckert can have many variants and spellings, based on where in the world it originated from. Bäckert is historically a German surname which means “baker”.

One of the earliest variants is Baeckert, spelt with an “ae” instead of an “ä”. This spellings was most commonly seen in German-speaking areas, particularly in the German Empire.

Another common variant is Backert, which is the English spelling of the same name. This spelling was used by German immigrants to the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as other English-speaking countries.

Other spelling variations include Baecker, Baeckers, Baeckerst, Baeckerstie, Baeckersteinn, Baeckerstrau and Baeckerstroh, all of which reflect the meaning of this surname: “baker”.

In addition to spelling variations, there are many different surnames of the same origin. Some of these include Baeckermann, Baechler, Beckert, Becker, Beckman, Becksheim, Becher, Beck, Beckert, Beckerdite, Beckerditter, Bechter and Bechtel.

These surnames are all derived from the same Old German root word, “backen”, which means “to bake”.

The Bäckert surname has traveled around the world and changed with the times, but its meaning and origin remain the same.

Famous people with the name Bäckert

  • Lutz Bäckert: German author, journalist, and TV presenter.
  • Klaus Bäckert: German nature photographer and wildlife filmmaker.
  • Lily Bäckert: German actress and model.
  • Erik Bäckert: Swedish professional ice hockey player and coach.
  • Thomas Bäckert: German journalist and author.
  • Angela Bäckert: Austrian singer and chansonnier.
  • Christian Bäckert: German entrepreneur and co-founder of the software company SAP.
  • Markus Bäckert: German former footballer.
  • Daniel Bäckert: Austrian-born US Army Officer and recipient of the Bronze Star Medal.
  • Gerald Bäckert: German former footballer.

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