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Surname Badgerow - Meaning and Origin

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Badgerow: What does the surname Badgerow mean?

The surname Badgerow is of English origin. It is believed to be derived from a topographic term or an occupational name, indicating a person who lived near a badger hole or worked with badgers. In old English, the term 'badger' was used to refer to a dealer or peddler. Thus, someone carrying this name might have been associated with dealing trade or goods. Also, occupational names were typically assigned based on a popular activity or geographic item associated with a person's line of work or residence area. However, like many surnames, the exact meaning and origin of Badgerow could have evolved or changed over generations. It is common for this to happen as families move, various languages influence one another, and meanings or spelling of terminology or names shifts. Remember, meanings of surnames can vary based on historical, regional, and family contexts. For a more definitive interpretation, one should engage in detailed genealogical research.

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Badgerow: Where does the name Badgerow come from?

The surname Badgerow is not common, with very few people bearing it worldwide. Its origins are not explicitly clear, but it's likely of Anglo-Saxon origin. In England, there are places named Badger and Badger's Hill, which could potentially indicate the geographical origin of the name. Surnames used to be based on a person's occupation, place of residence, father's name, or some distinguishing characteristics. Hence, Badgerow might be derived from the occupation of a 'badger' which in medieval England referred to a dealer in provisions or food items.

Today, the highest concentration of people with the Badgerow surname appears to be in the United States, particularly in Michigan. The 1920 United States Census shows several Badgerow families residing in Michigan, with less significant numbers in other states. Therefore, any significant presence of the name likely arose after migration to the US. However, it's not a common name in any particular region or country. The statewide distribution of this surname in the US is still sparse. It could also be found in Canada to a lesser extent. Overall, Badgerow remains an unusual name seen around the globe.

Variations of the surname Badgerow

The surname Badgerow has English origin, particularly from the West Midlands, and is believed to have been derived from an occupational name for a 'bag maker' or a 'badger' i.e., a peddler. Alternate spellings and variations of the name Badgerow could include Badger, Baggerow, Bagerow, Badgerowe, and Badgery.

There is also the possibility of spelling variations based on phonetic transcription or translation, such as Badgerough or Badgero. It is found in the records of the British Isles as far back as the 16th century and the different spellings could result from regional dialects or different census-takers transcribing spoken names into written forms over the years.

While it does not appear that there are many surnames directly derived from Badgerow, some surnames may share a similar origin, such as Bagshaw or Badgett, which have similar occupations inherent in their meanings. Please note that precise surname origins and their variations can be quite complex and may require deeper genealogical research.

Famous people with the name Badgerow

  • John Badgerow: Canadian actor, comedian, and playwright
  • Robert Badgerow: Canadian golfer
  • Jeanine Badgerow: Canadian Female Cross Country Skiing Olympian
  • Dennis Badgerow: American evangelist and businessman
  • Janet Badgerow: Canadian director, playwright, producer, and actress
  • Keith Badgerow: Canadian Olympic Hockey Player
  • Allan Badgerow: Canadian professor of Veterinary Pathology
  • Lucille Badgerow: Canadian Anglican Bishop
  • John Badgerow Foy: Canadian soldier and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Beatrice Badgerow: Canadian athlete and Paralympic medalist

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