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Surname Badgro - Meaning and Origin

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Badgro: What does the surname Badgro mean?

The last name Badgro is a German surname deriving from the word 'baden', which means 'to bathe'. It is likely that the name is a reference to someone who worked as a bath attendant or operated a bathhouse. The earliest recorded Badgro can be found in parish records of Saxony, Germany, date back to 1586.

The name Badgro has also made its way to the United States. One such example is the football player Morris Hiram Badgro, born in California in 1901. He was a college and professional American football player, playing at the University of Southern California and then with the New York Giants. He is still the only NFL player to win the NFL Championship at three different positions (end, tackle, and special team player).

In more recent times, the last name Badgro has come to be associated with the Badgro Football Clinic, founded by Morris Badgro in 1965. The Clinic offers football clinics for children in Seattle, Washington, in order to promote physical fitness and the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline.

Overall, the last name Badgro is a surname of German origin with a long and varied history. It is often associated with the American football player Morris Hiram Badgro and the football clinics that bear his name. In more modern times, the name can be thought of as a reminder of the important values of physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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Badgro: Where does the name Badgro come from?

The surname Badgro appears to originate from the United States. The name is quite unique and is not common. One of the most notable people with this surname was Morris Badgro, who was one of the American professional football players in the early 20th century. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Despite this, the surname Badgro can't be traced back to a specific country outside of the U.S. and is not widespread or notably common anywhere in the world today. It could be possibly linked to a variation or anglicization of a different original surname, however, this is purely speculative as there are no concrete sources or historical records to confirm this. Relevance in our database shows this surname is relatively rare.

Variations of the surname Badgro

The surname Badgro is not widely common nor are there readily available variations or derivations of it. It's a unique surname and has a minimal global presence. The variations of a surname generally occur due to regional differences, language adaptations and phonetic interpretations. However, in the absence of a significant historical record or global adoption, variants of the surname "Badgro" may not exist or be easily identifiable.

The surname Badgro might have various pronunciations and misspellings at the individual or family level, yet these wouldn't automatically establish them as officially recognized variants. Examples might include minor variations such as "Badgrow" or "Batgro". As for surnames of the same origin, without a clear understanding of the Badgro surname origin, it is difficult to link it with other surnames.

A thorough genealogical analysis or consultation with a professional surname etymologist would be most beneficial to understand any potential variants, spellings or surnames of the same origin for "Badgro". Please remember that the presence or absence of surname variations can heavily depend on the unique history and distribution of that surname.

Famous people with the name Badgro

There is only one famous person known with the last name Badgro, and it is Red Badgro. His full name is Morris Hiram "Red" Badgro, and he was a professional football player, baseball player, and football coach from America. He was renowned for his versatility in sports. He played as an end, a defensive end, and a punter in the National Football League (NFL) at different points of his career. Moreover, he also played right field for Major League Baseball's St. Louis Browns for a year. Badgro was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1981 for his significant contributions to football. Additionally, he was a football coach at Columbia University in the 1930s.

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