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Surname Barreiro - Meaning and Origin

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Barreiro: What does the surname Barreiro mean?

The last name Barreiro is a toponymic surname derived from the Portuguese word, ‘barreiro,’ meaning ‘bank.’ The term ‘Barreiro’ is associated with riversides, since ‘banks’ of bodies of water indie a margin dignified by shallow depth and land. Therefore, the origin of the last name Barreiro usually points to a river as its own origin.

The origin of the surname Barreiro is origin, Portuguese. It is claimed to have first appeared in the Statutes of Salamanca in the thirteenth century. To be sure, the surname Barreiro was commonly given to individuals who lived near a riverbank or banks of water.

Over the centuries, the Barreiro surname has spread to many nations, and different spellings have emerged. Examples include Barroiro, Barrero, de Barrero, Barros, Barroux, and others.

The Barreiro surname is quite common in Spain and Portugal. In addition, many people with the last name Barreiro can be found in Boston, Puerto Rico, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Argentina, and other countries. The most notable person to bear the name is Geronimo Antonio Barreiro, a Spanish lawyer, politician, and author.

To this day, the surname Barreiro continues to be prominent in Spain and other nations. It is a testament of the sturdiness of a name that has endured through the ages.

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Barreiro: Where does the name Barreiro come from?

The last name Barreiro is most commonly found in Portugal, particularly in the northern and coastal regions. It is also seen in Brazil, Spain, and other formerly colonized countries in Latin America and Africa. In Brazil, it is the 23rd most common surname in the country.

In Portugal, Barreiro is the 23rd most common surname in the country. In some Portuguese villages, as much as 10 percent of the population carry this name, according to some estimations.

In addition, the last name Barreiro has been historically seen in the Azores islands. It was introduced by Garcia Barreiro, a nobleman from Spain in the 12th century. The family name has since been preserved to this day.

Given the migratory nature of today's society, Barreiro is now also seen in Australia, the United States of America, France, and the United Kingdom. Many of these individuals have Portuguese or Brazilian heritage and trace their last name to the same origin.

In total, the last name Barreiro is seen in at least 60 countries across the world today. It is a common name in many countries and serves as a reminder of the Portuguese ancestry of many people.

Variations of the surname Barreiro

The surname Barreiro is a habitational name originating from the municipality of Barreiro, Spain. It is derived from the Spanish term 'barreiro', which means 'cow pen'. Variants of Barreiro include Barrero, Barreros, Barreira, Barreiras, Barreyro, Varrera, Varreyra, Barriero, Barrios, and Varreiro.

In Latin-American countries such as Brazil and Cuba, families bearing the surname Barreiro are typically of Portuguese origin. As a result, the surname is often spelled as Barroyo, Barroio, Barroya, Barriyo, Barrioa in these countries. In addition, individuals bearing this Portuguese and Spanish surname are sometimes also spelt as Bareiro or Barreiroo.

In the United States, Mexicans sometimes spell the surname as Barreirro, while Italians often use the variant Barreiroo or Barriero. In France and St Barts, Barreiro is spelled as Barierro.

All of the aforementioned variants of the surname Barreiro hint at the origin of the surname, which is rooted in the municipality of Barreiro, Spain.

Famous people with the name Barreiro

  • Luis Miguel González Barreiro: Spanish actor and presenter.
  • Diego Barreiro: Uruguayan footballer.
  • Luis Barreiro: Venezuelan businessman and former politician.
  • Gustavo Barreiro: Venezuelan composer and singer.
  • Román Barreiro: Argentine playwright, theatre director, translator, and actor.
  • Damián Barreiro: Argentine journalist.
  • Cova Barreiro: Cuban-American music producer.
  • Andrés Barreiro: Venezuelan visual artist.
  • Richard Barreiro: Venezuelan politician.
  • Cynthia Barreiro: Argentine singer and songwriter.

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