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Surname Barrows - Meaning and Origin

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Barrows: What does the surname Barrows mean?

The surname Barrows is of Anglo-Saxon origin and is a topographic name for someone who lived by a hill or tumulus, derived from the Middle English word "barwe" or Old English "beorg," both meaning "hill" or "mound". This kind of hill, or barrow, was often used for burial purposes in ancient times, hence the name also implies a connection to ancient burial grounds. In some contexts, Barrows may be an occupational name for someone employed at a garden or orchard, from the plural form of "barrow" which is a type of cart for carrying produce. These origins give the Barrows surname a sense of history and strong links to the landscape. As a surname, it is found more frequently in the UK, notably in the Northern territories, but it is also present in the US, Canada, and Australia. Overall, carrying this surname signals an ancestral link to the early settlers of these regions and their relationship with the land.

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Barrows: Where does the name Barrows come from?

The surname Barrows is of Anglo-Saxon origin, deriving from the Old English term 'beorg' which means a hill or a burial mound. The name was likely given to someone who lived by a hill or a burial ground in medieval England. Over time, 'beorg' evolved into 'bearwe', which was eventually anglicized to 'Barrow' and then 'Barrows’.

This name is widely distributed across English-speaking nations due to historical migration patterns. It is most common in the United States, England, Canada, and Australia. In the United States, it is found in higher numbers in states like California, Texas, Florida, and New York. Despite its origin, the name is not highly prevalent in modern England.

Variations of the surname Barrows

The surname Barrows has several variants, some of which could potentially result from a variation in spelling or regional dialects. These include Barrow, Barras, Barres, Barros, Barrot, Barreau, Barreaux, and Barroux.

The name Barrows can be found often in England and is considered to be of Anglo-Saxon origin. It's derived from the word "beorg" or "bearu" which translate to "hill" or "grove." As such, the surname was likely used to denote people who lived near these geographical features.

Another origin of the name could be French, stemming from the similar sounding Barreau, which means "bar." In this context, the name might have been occupational, denoting someone who worked at a bar or barrier of some kind.

Nearly all surnames have evolved in their spelling over time due to a variety of factors, including regional accents, illiteracy and translation between languages. Thus, you may well encounter further variations of this surname.

The manor of Barrow, found in Suffolk, England, could potentially be a source for the surname as well. Typically, people were often identified by the name of the place they were living or held land. Therefore, surnames such as Barrows, Barrowman or Barrowcliff, might have originated from this manor.

In conclusion, the surname Barrows has a rich history and multiple potential origins, which can be seen in its various spellings and variants.

Famous people with the name Barrows

  • Clyde Barrow: The notorious American outlaw, famous for criminal exploits with romantic partner Bonnie Parker during the Great Depression Era, known as Bonnie and Clyde.
  • Sydney Biddle Barrows: Former American escort agency owner, known as "The Mayflower Madam," and author.
  • Dr. P. Barry Barrows: An internationally renowned plastic surgeon with over 40 years of experience in plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeries.
  • Maurice Barrow: A professional basketball player from Canada. He previously played college basketball for Fairfield University.
  • Alison Barrows-Young: A professional watercolor painter and digital artist.
  • Anne Barrows: A UX Consultant whose insights have helped many clients in improving their technology-based products.
  • Sam Barrows: Acoustic singer and songwriter who gained fame through his heartfelt songs often shared on social media platforms.
  • James Barrow: A renowned fund manager who has served as the lead portfolio manager for several institutional funds.
  • Clayton Barrows: The author of well-known textbooks about hospitality management and industry.
  • John Barrows: A famous sales trainer who has worked with major companies to improve their sales strategies. Note: The fame of these individuals varies and may depend upon one's industry or interest.

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