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Surname Bearden - Meaning and Origin

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Tracing my Roots and Unfolding the Intricacies of the Bearden Surname Through iGENEA's DNA Analysis

Recently, I delved into the extensive past of my family name, Bearden, using the DNA analysis services of iGENEA. A breathtaking exploration unfolded my lineage's Celtic-Scandinavian origin, my surname's potential ties to beekeeping, and surprising links to well-known personalities. The intricate ancestral knowledge gained was an enriching and empowering experience.

Y. Bearden

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Bearden: What does the surname Bearden mean?

The surname Bearden is English in origin and is derived from the Old English word “beorgdun” which literally translates to “barley hill”. This suggests that the original bearers of this name lived on or near such an area. The word “beorgdun” eventually evolved into the current spelling, Bearden, which is now found in Europe, North America, and beyond.

The name Bearden is associated with traits of intelligence, leadership, ambition, and reliability. Bearden's have a great capacity for organization, analytical bureaucracy, and strategic thinking. These individuals possess sharp wit and have the ability to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ways of doing things.

Bearden's are very driven and often find great success in the fields of banking, finance, entrepreneurship, or business. They also often find success in politics, law, telecommunications, and engineering. Many enjoy charity and volunteer work, and they have the determination and foresight to bring lasting change through their activities.

Bearden's also have a deep sense of justice and fairness, and they are constantly seeking to stand up for the rights of themselves and others. They also have great interpersonal skills and often act as mediators between differing viewpoints, with the hope of embracing opposing views instead of imposing a solution from either side.

Overall, the last name Bearden represents loyalty, ambition, intelligence, creativity, and a strong sense of justice — a powerful combination for anyone to have.

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Bearden: Where does the name Bearden come from?

The last name Bearden is common today in many states throughout the United States. It is most common in North Carolina and Virginia, where there are numerous people who carry the Bearden surname. It is also found in other states, including Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and California.

The Bearden name is thought to be of Irish, English, or French origin, however its exact origin is unknown. The name has been used for centuries, appearing in records from the 1800s.

The Bearden last names may have come from the Gaelic word “bearnd”, which can be translated to mean “bear-like.” It is also possible that the name was derived from the French words “berner” or “bastard”, which can mean “a tone of distinctiveness or individuality.”

The Bearden surname is most commonly found in areas with large Irish, English, or French descendant populations, such as the southeastern states in the United States. It is also often found in records from areas of the Midwest, such as Wisconsin and Minnesota. Records also show that there are some Bearden families living in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Bearden

The surname Bearden is a patronymic surname derived from the given name Bernard/Bernhard. Variants of this surname include Beard, Bearden, Berden, Berdine, Bardin, Barndon, Bardon, Bardeen, Burden, Burdine, and Burdon.

It may be found in other languages, such as German and Dutch, as Baard, de Baard, Baarda, van Baardwijk, de Baarden, Baardt, Baardenhuis, Van Baardwijk, Baardman, and Barndenhaus.

In Ireland, variants are spelled as Bearain ("son of Bernard"), Beirne, Beirne, Beirnes, Beirns, Beirnson, Beirnsson, Beirnsten, Burn, Catherine Berin, Beirnsen, Byrne, Byrnes, Byrns, Beirne, Beirnin, Byrnson, Beirne, Byrnesen, Beirne, Byrneen, Byrneen, Barwyn, Berin, Beirn and Beirnis.

In France, the surname is found as Bearnais, Bernie, Burny and Burne.

In England, the surname is found as Beard, Berd, Berde, Berdine, Barnden, Bardin, Barndon, Burden, Burdon, Burdine, Burden, Bearne and Bearnes.

In Scotland, the surname is found as Barne, Barnes and Barnde.

In Sweden, the surname is found as Berndt, Berndtson, Berndsson, and Barndt.

In Spain, the surname is found as Barrientos and Barren.

In the United States, variants of the name include Beard, Berdine, Bardin, Barden, Barndon, Barrene, Bearden, Berden, Beirne, Birin, Byrnsen, Burdon, Burden, Byrnes, Birne, Bernard, Bernhard and Burne.

Famous people with the name Bearden

  • Romare Bearden (1911-1988): renowned African-American artist and writer
  • Clifton R. Bearden (1946-2017): former mayor of Birmingham, Alabama
  • Mack Bearden (1927-2012): American professional golfer
  • Russell Bearden Jr. (1930-2016): United States Navy admiral
  • Hugh Bearden(1922-2013): American musician and bandleader
  • Wayne Bearden (1923-2003): American lawyer and politician
  • Barty Bearden (1917-1978): American college football player
  • Jim Bearden (1933-2001): American basketball player
  • Don Bearden (1940-2003): professional American football player
  • R.L. Bearden (born 1958): American gospel singer

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