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Surname Bechtold - Meaning and Origin

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Bechtold: What does the surname Bechtold mean?

The surname Bechtold is of Germanic origin and is a variant form of Berchtwald or Berthold. The name is derived from two elements: "beraht," which means "bright" or "famous," and "wald," which means "ruler" or "power." Therefore, the last name Bechtold can be interpreted to mean "famous ruler" or "bright power." Like many last names, it was likely originally a given name or nickname that eventually became a hereditary surname. It's also possible that it was used to denote someone who is strong, influential, or of great renown. It is important to note that the meanings of surnames can vary significantly based on their historical and cultural contexts. This surname is common in German-speaking countries and regions like Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Bechtold: Where does the name Bechtold come from?

The last name Bechtold is of German origin. Derived from a personal name, it is made up of two old German elements: "beraht," which means 'bright' or 'famous,' and "wald," meaning 'power' or 'rulership.' Combined, Bechtold could be interpreted as 'famous power.'

This surname was quite popular in medieval Germany and could have been passed on to the next generations by the male line. As with many Germanic names, it was often adopted by people who held a significant social standing or positions of power, distinguishing them from others in a given locality.

Today, you would commonly find individuals carrying the Bechtold surname residing in Germany. Additionally, due to historic immigration patterns, the surname can also be found in the United States. Some families with the surname Bechtold who had migrated to the United States had settled in Pennsylvania in the 18th century. However, the population carrying the Bechtold surname is spread thinly across many countries, and it is not particularly concentrated in one specific geographical location.

Variations of the surname Bechtold

The surname Bechtold originates from Germany and has various spellings, variations, and related surnames due to regional differences, phonetic similar sounding names, and translation errors over time. Some variations and spelling of the surname Bechtold include Bechtel, Bechtol, Bechtels, Bechtoldt, Bechtolz, Bechtler, and Becht.

The different spelling versions also stem from the name "Berchtwald," which was quite popular in Medieval Germany, referring to "bright ruler." Over time, the name was shortened and altered resulting in variations like Bechtholdt, Bechthold, or Bechtholdus.

These surnames are made up of two Old High German words: "beraht" (bright, famous) and "wald" (rule) and were often given to someone with a bright or shining personality or someone, typically a man, who was a powerful or popular leader.

Moreover, these surnames could also have been influenced by regional dialects within Germany, creating variations that effectively refer to the same moniker. As families with this surname emigrated to other countries, the name saw further variations in spelling due to phonetic translation into other languages.

Famous people with the name Bechtold

  • Jake Bechtold: an American Stand-Up Comedian and actor.
  • Harry Bechtold: an Emmy Award-Winning Television Producer.
  • Nancy Bechtold: an American choreographer and theater director.
  • David E. Bechtold: an American politician and lawyer.
  • Justin Bechtold: an American professional golf player.
  • Lou Bechtold: an American recording artist and singer/songwriter.
  • Bob Bechtold: an American author of fiction and non-fiction.
  • Pete Bechtold: an American composer and singer/songwriter.
  • Karri Bechtold: an American voice actor.
  • Paul Bechtold: an American composer and singer/songwriter.
  • Stephanie Bechtold: an American musician and vocalist.
  • Jac Bechtold: a Emmy and BAFTA Award-Winning cinematographer.
  • John Bechtold: an American professional photographer.
  • Desiree Bechtold: an American country music singer/songwriter.
  • Scott Bechtold: an American musician and songwriter.
  • Sean Bechtold: an American animator and director.
  • Mark Bechtold: an American musician and songwriter.
  • Tracie Bechtold: an American actor.
  • Cara Bechtold: an American actress, director, and producer.
  • Dale Bechtold: an American film editor.

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