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Discovering Self and History: The Emotional Journey of Unraveling My DNA with iGENEA

Family name Beverly

Taking a DNA test with iGENEA was an emotional journey into self-discovery that fostered a newfound sense of belonging and identity. It transformed my perception of my family history and the Beverly surname, and nurtured a profound sense of connection to my ancestors and humanity's collective journey.

The experience of taking a DNA test with iGENEA has been groundbreaking and emotive. As an adventure into self-discovery, it has triggered personal emotions, greatly impacted my perception of self, family, and as an unexpected twist, sharpened my lens on history, bringing it from a generic timeline into a specific story I'm part of.

As I pierced the surface of the deeply rooted Beverly surname with the help of iGENEA, what surfaced was a tremendous sense of belonging. This name, passed down through generations, is a symbolic cord connecting me to a vast network of relatives spread across the globe. It's a tangible confirmation that I am part of a historical thread, an ongoing sequence of life unfurling. The whole process summoned a profound sense of continuity and connection – to both time and people.

Gaining insights into the origins of my surname, the migration routes of my ancestors, and the deep connections I share with a particular haplogroup unravelled a newfound appreciation for my forebears. It was as if my understanding of our family history, which previously stirred up a sense of romanticism and nostalgia, had transformed into something meaningful and consequential.

Awareness of the common DNA that my ancestors bequeathed to me made the names, dates, and places from my family's past come alive. The lives they led, the paths they trod, and the decisions they made have resonated within me and influenced my genetic make-up. It's a humbling thought.

The experience deepened my respect for the Beverly surname. It's not an ordinary label; it's a testament of endurance, continuity, adaptability, and resilience. It has imbued in me a renewed sense of pride and responsibility to carry, and perhaps, even to pass on this legacy.

Throughout the process, I experienced feelings of elation, surprise, curiosity, guilt, and sadness. These emotions brought about compassionate understanding and deeper empathy, not only towards my family members but also towards humanity's collective journey.

In essence, my DNA journey with iGENEA left me with a profound sense of identity, awakening a transformation not only in how I perceive my own self but also the Beverly family and human history at large. The DNA test wasn't merely about genetic information; it was a deep dive into connectedness, history, and a continuous journey of life.

H. Beverly

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