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Surname Beversdorf - Meaning and Origin

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Beversdorf: What does the surname Beversdorf mean?

The last name Beversdorf is of German origin and is derived from a house sign containing the elements "behren" (barley) and "dorf" (village). This indicates that the name was probably the nickname or name of the founder of a village or house in which barley or Barley-growing was important.

In the early middle ages, people often took on the name of their village or house, which served as a sign to identify them and distinguish them from others. In this sense, the Beversdorf family lineage is likely to be long established and strongly rooted in its cultural origin.

The modern meaning of the name is "Barley Village Man". Today, Beversdorf is still a fairly common family name in Germany and is also found elsewhere around the globe in countries where immigrants from Germanic countries settled.

As the tradition of taking on the name of a village persists even today, the Beversdorf name carries a significance that speaks to the value of roots and community, both historically and in the current day. It also reflects a culture that emphasizes the importance of preserving the rich history and heritage of its people.

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Beversdorf: Where does the name Beversdorf come from?

The last name Beversdorf is most commonly found in Germany and the United States. In Germany, records show that the Beversdorf surname is most commonly found in the state of Bavaria and in the east of Rhineland Palatinate. In the United States, the name is most commonly found in Wisconsin, where records show that the Beversdorfs settled in the early 19th century. Through records and interviews with family historians, it can be seen that people with the Beversdorf surname have settled all across the United States and that the family surname has spread through generations and geographic distance.

One of the earliest documented records of the Beversdorf name in the United States come from an 1817 census entry in Neenah, Wisconsin. The record mentions “Fredrick and Sachein Beversdorf,” indicating that the name had likely been in the United States for some time before this entry.

Since the early 19th century, the Beversdorf name has spread from Wisconsin to other states across the United States and even beyond. A look at the current records of the United States states that people with the surname Beversdorf currently reside in most states across the country and also in countries outside the United States.

In short, the surname Beversdorf is most commonly found in Germany and the United States. Since 1817, the family name has spread from Wisconsin to other states across the country and beyond. Today, people with the Beversdorf name live in most states across the United States and also in countries outside the United States.

Variations of the surname Beversdorf

The surname Beversdorf is of Germanic origin, and has multiple variations and spellings. Common alternative versions of the surname include Biebersdorf, Beversdorff, Biebersdorff, and Bieversdorff.

In Germany, Beversdorf can be found as Boversdorf, Beversdorf, Biebersdorf, Boeversdorf, Boellersdorf, Biebersdorff, and Bieversdorff. Variants were also found in Switzerland as Biebersdorf and Biebersdorff.

In the United States, the surname is commonly found as Beversdorf, Biebersdorf, Beversdorff, Biebersdorff, and Bieversdorff. The United States Census Bureau reported more than 22,600 households with the surname Beversdorf in 2010.

In Canada, variations of the surname can be found as Bourbonneuf, Beversdorff, and Bieversdorff.

In Europe, other variants of the surname can be found as Beversdorf, Bebbersdorf, Beeverdorf, Beaversdorf, Bueversdorf, Berversdorf, Beuersdorf, Boversdorf, Boellersdorf, Boellersdorf, Bieberdorf, Biebersdorf, Bieversdorf, Biebersdorff, and Bieversdorff.

Overall, the surname Beversdorf is an old German name with a long history of various variants and spellings. Its variants are most commonly found in Germany, Switzerland, the United States, and Canada.

Famous people with the name Beversdorf

  • Edward Beversdorf: an American poet and professor from Montana State University
  • Blake Beversdorf: a basketball coach at the University of Central Missouri
  • Clay Beversdorf: a former college football player who previously attended the University of Northern Iowa
  • Ella Beversdorf: a former professional soccer player who competed for the United States national team
  • Peter Beversdorf: the founder of chemical engineering laboratories at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • John Beversdorf: a former professional baseball player who played in the Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • Harry Beversdorf: a former member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas
  • Charles Beversdorf: a former general in the United States Air Force
  • Fred Beversdorf: a prominent California real estate lawyer
  • Karen Beversdorf: a former United States Senator from Nebraska

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