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Surname Bigalow - Meaning and Origin

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Bigalow: What does the surname Bigalow mean?

The last name Bigalow most likely derives from the French words 'beau' and 'lieu', which mean 'beautiful place'. This indicates that the original bearer of the surname was likely someone who owned or lived on land that was considered attractive or desirable. The root words can also indicate a person's occupation, such as a landscape artist, farmer, or real estate broker. The term 'Bigalow' can also be associated with other words such as 'bigger', which suggests someone of a larger stature, or 'bog', which indicates a marshy or wet area.

Bigalow is a name with an interesting past. It may have appeared first in Germany before it eventually spread to the United Kingdom, France, and the United States. It is also spelled a variety of ways, such as Biglaw, Bigaloe, and Bigalo.

Today, Bigalow is a rare surname, but it can be found throughout the US. People with the last name Bigalow continue to make a positive impact in their chosen fields, from business to art. They may have inherited the original mission of its owners to appreciate and share the beauty of the natural world.

Bigalow: Where does the name Bigalow come from?

The surname Bigalow is of English origin. It derived from the medieval personal name Bagol, or perhaps a nickname from the bird, bagel referring to a species of gull. The name eventually turned into numerous variations such as Baguley, Bagley, Bigley, Biglow, Bigalow, Bickley, Bisley, and Bingley. It is also associated with geographic locations in England, specifically hamlets and parishes named Baguley in Cheshire, Bigley in Shropshire, or Bickley in Cheshire.

Today, the last name Bigalow and its variants can be found around the world due to migration and the spread of the English language. However, it's most common in English-speaking regions such as the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. In the United States, it is primarily concentrated in states like New York, Michigan, Massachusetts, and California. The different spellings of the name, the immigration records, and the spread of the English language across continents have all contributed to the dispersal of this surname globally.

Variations of the surname Bigalow

The surname Bigalow has quite a few variants and alternate spellings due to its anglo-saxon origin and evolution over time. Some of the more common variation includes Bigelow, Baguley, Bagley, Bigley, Bigly, Bagguleigh, Biglow, Biggelow, Bigaloe, Bigelowe, Bigolo, Bigolo, and Bigalo.

These variations are possibly due to transcription errors or phonetic spelling variations during its usage in different regions and periods. For instance, Baguley is a more common variant in the UK while Bigelow is popular in the US.

There is also a connection with topographical surnames, where the surname originates from geographical locations. Baguley in the ancient times was a town in Cheshire, England and individuals or families migrating out of those regions may have taken up such surnames.

All these variations reflect the same lineage and point back to the Old English ‘Bagulegh’, broken into ‘Bagga’ (a personal name in Old English) and ‘Leah’ (meaning wood, clearing, meadow, or enclosure). Hence, anyone bearing these surnames can trace their ancestry back to the same origin.

Famous people with the name Bigalow

  • Peter Bigalow: an American actor, writer, and comedian with credits in Look Who’s Talking Now, Big Daddy, and Dark Angel.
  • Michael Bigalow: a producer, writer, and director of film and television known for his films Mercenaries, 13 Graves, and Sorrow.
  • Stephen Bigalow: a researcher and educator who specializes in candlestick charting and investment analysis.
  • Andrew Bigalow: an American figure skater who won the bronze medal in the team event at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships in 2014.
  • Reginald Bigalow: a British painter and sculptor known for his bronze sculptures, including Bigalow Red Lion at the Royal Academy of Arts.
  • J.D. Bigalow: an American actor known for his roles in Sling Blade and The Patriot.
  • Kim Bigalow: a film and television actress who has appeared in Simpatico, Hill Street Blues, and The NeverEnding Story.
  • Melissa Bigalow: an American singer and songwriter who has released two studio albums, including The Dream That Never Came in 2015.
  • Robert Bigalow: an American entrepreneur and space enthusiast who is the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, a space technology company.
  • Bill Bigalow: a former NFL linebacker who played for the Chicago Bears and the Detroit Lions before becoming a college football coach.

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