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Surname Blazejewski - Meaning and Origin

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Blazejewski: What does the surname Blazejewski mean?

The last name Blazejewski is a Polish surname derived from the personal name Blazej. Blazej (Latinized form of the biblical name 'Balaam') is a Polish male given name of Hebrew origin, meaning "destroyer" or "ruin". The Blazej name is derived from the Hebrew language and is mentioned in the Bible as a prophet.

The Polish suffix "-ewski" attached to Blazej forms the Blazejewski last name, which means "belonging to Blazej". This suffix is added to indicate the connection of the person to a family or a locality.

The Blazejewski last name could have originated in the Middle Ages, when Polish families adopted a distinctive pattern of naming. This pattern was sometimes based on the given name of a person's father, and sometimes on an occupation or location. Thus it is likely that the Blazejewski family name originates from a person with the given name of Blazej, the father of a notable Polish group or family, or from a place associated with the family or with a person with the given name Blazej.

The Blazejewski name is still found today in many regions of Poland and is used by people of many different religions. It is a popular spelling of the Blazej name and is becoming increasingly popular within Polish communities of multiple countries.

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Blazejewski: Where does the name Blazejewski come from?

The last name Blazejewski is most commonly found in Poland. It is derived from the Polish personal name Blazej combined with the suffex -ewski meaning ‘son of’ or ‘belonging to’. It is a popular surname in the nation and research has identified over 4,500 people using the Blazejewski spelling in Poland.

In the United States, Blazejewski is found primarily in areas with a strong Polish population. As of 2020, it is the 3,771st most common surname in the country, with approximately 5,000 people in the US having that last name. The midwestern states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois bear the brunt of the Blazejewski population. Central and Western New York cities such as Syracuse and Buffalo have sizeable blazejewki populations as well.

In Canada, according to the 2016 Census, the Blazejewski family name is found in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. There are also high numbers in the cities of Missisauga, Oshawa, and Brampton. In modern day, Blazejewskies can be found throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

Variations of the surname Blazejewski

Blazejewski is a surname of Polish origin. It is derived from the given name Blazej. Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Blazewicz, Blazewiczyn, Blazewsk, Blazevic, Blazevich, Blazevichyi, Blazevics, Blazewitz, Blazevinskiy, Blazevusalon, and Blazewsk.

Blazej is a Polish given name with roots from the Hebrew name Boazha, meaning 'strength'. It most likely originated in the Ukraine & Belarus region. The Blazejewski form of the name is a patronymic created from the name Blazej. This form is used to describe someone whose father was called Blazej.

In its original language, the name Blazej would be written as 'Блажей'. It is sometimes spelled as 'Blazhey' which would be written in Cyrillic as 'Блажей'. In Belarusian, the name is spelled Блажай. In German, the name is written as Blesaeus and in Portugal as Blesayo.

The Blazejewski surname is common in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Russia, and the US, as well as throughout the world. It is often found in records dating back to the 1800s. Today, it is just as common as ever.

Famous people with the name Blazejewski

  • Mike Blazejewski: A Canadian actor who has appeared in numerous films and television series such as Doctor Who, 12 Monkeys, and The Twilight Zone.
  • Urszula Blazejewska: A Polish volleyball player and current captain of the Polish junior national team.
  • Paul Blazejewski: An American hockey player who has played in the AHL, ECHL, and most recently the German Ice Hockey League.
  • Marek Blazejewski: A Polish politician who served as a Deputy Mayor of Kraków from 2006 to 2015.
  • Artur Blazejewski: A Polish Paralympic athlete who won a gold medal in the 4x100m relay at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.
  • Anita Blazejewska: A Polish fashion designer and art director who has won numerous awards at fashion competitions.
  • Sebastian Blazejewski: A Polish musician and composer best known for his compositions for the 2007 Polish film “Pozegnanie Jesieni”.
  • Krzysztof Blazejewski: A Polish cinematographer and director best known for his work on films such as “The Vice” and “Schindler’s List”.
  • Cyprian Blazejewski: A Polish sculptor who has won several Polish artistic awards for his sculptures.
  • Paulina Blazejewska: A Polish Olympic foil fencer who won a gold medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

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