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Surname Blood - Meaning and Origin

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Blood: What does the surname Blood mean?

The surname Blood is of English origin. It emerged as a nickname in medieval England during the Anglo-Saxon reign. The name could be associated with a variety of characteristics or attributes. One possible interpretation is that it was given to someone with a sanguine (cheerfully optimistic or positive) personality. This association comes from the medieval belief in 'humours' where blood was seen to be related to a sanguine temperament.

Alternatively, it could refer to ancestry or lineage – i.e., "one's own flesh and blood". The name could also be associated with a bloody deed, in the sense of a warrior or a butcher, someone who dealt with blood on a regular basis in his line of work. Lastly, it could be a short form of popular personal names from old times like “Bloodric” where ‘Blood’ is a part of the original name. It's important to note these are educated guesses as the exact origins of surnames are difficult to determine due to lack of historical and record-keeping practices in medieval times.

Blood: Where does the name Blood come from?

The surname Blood is of Anglo-Saxon origin and was first found in Lincolnshire, England. The name evolved from a family living in Lincolnshire, where they derived their name from the "bode", a shelter, and "laod", a people, essentially meaning "people of the shelter". Over time, "bode laod" evolved into the surname Blood.

In terms of geographical spread, today, the Blood surname is quite uncommon. It is most prevalent in the United States, and also has a significant incidence in England (mostly in the Midlands, East Anglia, and the South West), Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, even in these countries, it is not among the most common surnames. It is important to also consider that some people with the surname Blood may not be directly descended from the original "bode laod" lineage, as spelling modifications and other factors over centuries can result in unrelated families bearing the same surname.

In historical context, the most notable family member was Thomas Blood, an Irish officer known for his attempt to steal the Crown Jewels of England from the Tower of London in 1671.

Variations of the surname Blood

The surname Blood has a number of variations depending on geographical location and language. Some alternative spellings include Blud, Bludd, Bloode, and Bloed. The name originates from England and possibly carries different versions in other languages.

The name Blood may also have evolved from the name Blodgett, a surname of English origin, as well as from Blodwen, a Welsh name. The surname Bloodworth could also be connected. Additionally, there may also be possible Irish variants such as Bláth or Bladhma.

The genealogy of the surname suggests it may be linked to certain occupations or characteristics. For example, 'Blood' might have referred to someone with a violent or fierce temperament, or it might denote a blood-letting doctor or barbersurgeon. In this case, similar surnames relating to occupations or temperaments in different languages may also be considered variants.

Please note these are just potential variants and spellings based on linguistic patterns and history. The exact lineage and variations of the surname can most accurately be determined by genealogical research.

Do remember that spellings of surnames were often changed by immigration officers upon arrival to new countries, therefore, tracing the exact origin of a surname can prove difficult and includes many possibilities.

Famous people with the name Blood

  • Adrian Blood: He is a well-known British sound engineer who has worked in several successful movies.
  • Amanda Blood: She is an English footballer who plays for Manchester City Women's Football Club.
  • Abdulai Bell-Baggie Blood: He is a Sierra Leonean international footballer who represented his country at the under-20 level.
  • Andy Blood: He is a New Zealand advertising executive, artist, public speaker, and writer.
  • Benjamin Paul Blood: He was an American philosopher and poet known for his ideas concerning the nature of the human mind.
  • Bindon Blood: He was a Lieutenant-General in the British Indian Army who served with great distinction in the Afghan War and had a mountain in Antarctica named after him.
  • George Blood (George Blood Audio/Video/Film): He is a Philadelphia-based owner of audio and visual digitization service.
  • Colin Blood: An acclaimed rugby player from New Zealand.
  • Eleanor Blood: She is a famous modern artist and designer.
  • Harry Blood: He was a famous player in the Australian Football League (AFL).
  • Muriel Agnes Blood: She was an American journalist and author.
  • Thomas Blood: He was an Irish colonel best known for attempting to steal the Crown Jewels from the Tower of London in 1671.

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