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Surname Blott - Meaning and Origin

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Blott: What does the surname Blott mean?

The surname Blott is of Anglo-Saxon origin, derived from the Old English word "blot," which roughly translates to "blot" or "blot on the landscape." This term was initially employed metaphorically to refer to places that were unattractive or unpleasant in some way. Therefore, the surname could have been a topographical name for someone who lived in such an area. Alternatively, it may have been a derogatory nickname for someone considered a blemish or stain on their community, or it could be an occupational name for a dyer, derived from the process of blotting (soaking up excess ink or dye). As with many old names, the exact origins have been lost to history, but these are the typical interpretations. It is common in England, specifically in the regions of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Variations of the name include Blot, Blote, and Blythe.

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Blott: Where does the name Blott come from?

The last name Blott is not particularly common today, as it generally is found less than 0.001% of the population in any given country. However, due to an influx of immigration over the past century and a half, Blott can be found in many areas of the world.

In Europe, the surname Blott is most commonly found in the United Kingdom, especially in the East and West Midlands. It is thought to originate from Anglo-Saxon England as a toponymic surname for families from places such as Blott's Green in Warwickshire. The Blotts are also known to have had a long standing presence in the County of Dorset.

In the United States, Blott is found more commonly in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. Most of these families can trace their roots back to early German immigrants from the late 18th century as many of the German colonies brought it to America.

In Canada, the surname has a strong presence in the province of Ontario, particularly in the towns of Toronto and Hamilton. Most of these families have a combination of United States and British ancestry, though some can trace their ancestors from the early United Empire Loyalist emigrants who arrived in the late 18th century.

Overall, while the surname Blott is not one of the most common, it can be found in many countries with a strong presence throughout North America and parts of Great Britain.

Variations of the surname Blott

The surname Blott has several variants, surnames, and spellings. Blott is the main spelling and surname and it can be found as Blot, Blotte, Blotts, and Blottt.

Variants of the surname include Blothington, Blotington, Blacklot, and Blownlot. All of these variants originate from the same locational surname, which means “one who lived in a settlement near marshy ground, usually near a river and marshy area".

In Scotland, the spelling of Blott is often found as Blotto. The variant Brownlot can also be found and is derived from a name used for a variety of different kinds of swampland.

In Northern England and Scotland people with the surname Blott have also used the spelling Blathed or Blathede to distinguish their surname. It is understood that this variety of the surname arose when individuals needed to differentiate their family from another.

Other spellings of the surname include Bload and Blawed which are derived from the Old English word blaw, meaning “to blow”. William Blothe, who was recorded in the Curia Regis Rolls of Suffolk in 1223 is one of the earliest recorded bearers of this surname with this spelling.

Finally, Blotson and Blottson are also variants of the surname, derived from people who originally hailed from Blott's Town, which was a settlement in England.

Famous people with the name Blott

  • Philip Blott: British farmer and television personality, better known as Farmer Blott in the BBC series, Countryfile.
  • William Austin Blount: American politician and diplomat who was the first territorial governor of the Southwest Territory (what would become Tennessee)
  • Stephen T. Blount: superior court judge from Mobile County, Alabama.
  • Alan H. Blot: American composer and former member of the Ray Charles Orchestra for over thirty years.
  • William Blott: English painter and early member of the Royal Academy.
  • John Blott: English musician, songwriter, filmmaker and visual artist.
  • Martin Blott: English cricketer who played for Worcestershire in the 1950s.
  • Nehemiah Blott: English polo player who founded the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.
  • Marion Blott: Canadian philanthropist and women's rights activist.
  • Andre Blot: French author and artist whose works include the "Encyclopédie Géniale".

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