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Surname Booth - Meaning and Origin

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As a Booth descendant, I had a firm acceptance of my British roots, envisaging that the Booths had been firmly planted in England for centuries. The iGENEA testing process allowed me to challenge these preconceptions, replacing them with a woven narrative of transitions and movements across continents. For instance, I found that my Booth ancestors migrated to the British Isles from Scandinavia during the Viking Ages. This unexpected revelation redefines my initial narrative, casting my ancestors not as sedentary farmers but as explorers, travelers and brave adventurers. The DNA testing service of iGENEA also illuminated the socio-economic status of my ancestors. The Booth family, originally of Old Norse origins, was shown to be of the noble class during the medieval period. This new understanding of elevated social stature heightened my interest in historical events and societal norms of the time, inspiring me further to dig into the annals of the past. A surprising turn, my DNA test linked my lineage again to Scandinavia, this time in the figure of the legendary Harald Fairhair, the first King of Norway. This sprouted more questions than it gave answers to, driving my intrigue into the saga of my ancestry further. In the process, my sense of identity evolved from the boundaries of England to encompass the expanses of the northern seas, historical halls of maritime explorers, and the crowns of the Viking Kings. Revisting my identity, the DNA test at iGENEA allowed me to teeter between the pride and humility of my newfound ancestry. My undertakings revealed the value of understanding one's roots, and the profound influence it has over your comprehension of your place, your past, and inevitably, yourself.

K. Booth

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Booth: What does the surname Booth mean?

The surname Booth has an Old Norse origin, and it is derived from the term 'both', meaning 'house' or 'shed'. It was traditionally given to those who lived in a small hut or a booth, usually used as a cowshed or a herdsman's dwelling. This name was particularly common among those living in the North West of England and Scotland, where the Vikings had arrived and settled. Over the years, the name came to be associated with individuals who were linked with trade, as booths were often places where goods were sold or traded. Hence, the surname can denote an individual who lived in or worked from a booth or stall. In old English law, the term booth referred to a temporary structure, often assembled for trade fairs, thereby hinting at commerce and market trade associated with the surname.

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Booth: Where does the name Booth come from?

The surname Booth originated from Northern England and Scotland. It is derived from the Old Norse word "both," meaning a hut or a booth, which was used to signify a person who lived in a small hut or bothy.

It is said to have evolved from a nickname to a surname during the middle ages when people in small communities used surnames as a means to distinguish between individuals with the same personal or given name.

The surname Booth spread throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland during the centuries after it was established, and later migrated to North America, Australia, and New Zealand with settlers during the colonial period.

Presently, Booth is most common in the United States and England. Within the United States, it is particularly frequent in the states of Utah and Missouri. Its presence is also significant in Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Booth

The surname Booth is believed to originate from Northern England and Scotland, derived from the Old Norse word "both", which means ‘temporary shed’ or 'stall' referring to marketplaces or booths.

Different variants and spellings can be found for Booth, although it's not as diverse as some surnames. Variants could include Boothe and Booths, while in some records, you may find old or alternate spellings such as Bothe or de Bothe.

As for the surnames of the same origin, it might include names that reference a location or a profession in old languages, like the surname Boothman. In some cases, Boothby may be considered close in origin, as it combines ‘booth’ with ‘by’, an Old Norse term for farm or settlement.

However, tracing surnames is complex due to regional differences, changes over centuries, and variations in spellings in historical documents. Therefore, while Booth has a few variants and related surnames, it's largely consistent in its form due to its relatively simple etymological origin.

Famous people with the name Booth

  • John Wilkes Booth: Infamous American actor and assassin of President Abraham Lincoln.
  • Edwin Booth: Renowned 19th-century American actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth.
  • Junius Brutus Booth: Father of John Wilkes and Edwin, he was a famous Shakespearean actor.
  • Connie Booth: An American-born writer and actress, known for her role in "Fawlty Towers."
  • Shirley Booth: American stage, film, and TV actress and singer.
  • Booth Tarkington: American novelist and dramatist who won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
  • William Booth: Founder of the Salvation Army.
  • Evangeline Booth: Fourth General of the Salvation Army and daughter of William Booth.
  • John Booth (magician): Canadian professional magician, author and lecturer.
  • Douglas Booth: English actor known for his roles in "Noah" and "Jupiter Ascending."
  • David Booth: Retired professional ice hockey player.
  • Wayne C. Booth: American literary critic.
  • Tim Booth: Lead singer of the British band "James."
  • Cherie Blair (née Booth): Wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; a lawyer and author.
  • Lindy Booth: Canadian actress.

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