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Surname Bottom - Meaning and Origin

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Bottom: What does the surname Bottom mean?

The surname Bottom comes from the Anglo-Saxon term "bothm" or "botm" meaning "bottom", often used to denote someone who lived in or near a valley or hollow. The term denotes a geographic or topographic feature of the family's ancestral home. So, the person bearing the last name Bottom likely had ancestors who lived in or near such features. In some cases, it may also refer to the bottom end of a settlement or village. It is crucial to note that the term "bottom" in this context does not imply something negative or inferior as it may in modern English; rather, it simply describes a geographic location. As with many surnames, location-based names like "Bottom" were commonly used in ancient times when people were often known by their place of origin or residence.

Bottom: Where does the name Bottom come from?

The surname Bottom is of English origin, deriving from Old English "botm" or "bothm" which means “the ground”, “foundation”, or “lowest part”, indicating a geographic feature such as a valley. The name was possibly given to someone who lived or worked in such a location. It may also relate to dwelling houses located at the bottom of slopes or valleys.

As to where it is common today, like many surnames of British origin, it is spread across English-speaking countries around the world due to historical immigration patterns from the British Isles. These countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, it remains most common in England. Moreover, a significant concentration can be found in the United States particularly in the states of Ohio and Kentucky. It is important to note that the surname, while known, is not particularly common in any of these locations.

Variations of the surname Bottom

The surname "Bottom" is primarily found in England and its variant forms could include Bott, Botts, Botham or Bottoms. The name could potentially be a locational surname deriving from a place called "Botham", in Lancashire, England. Its other origin could be occupational, referring to a maker of bottles or casks, deriving from a medieval English term "botter" or "botere".

Alternative spellings could include Boddam or Bodham which are common in regions like Northumberland and Norfolk respectively. In some instances, the surname might have Anglicized forms like Botting or Bottin, altered due to immigration or cultural assimilation. Surname variations might also emerge due to phonetic spelling and regional dialects.

Surnames of the same origin include names that have a locational or occupational etymology. For instance, surnames like Hill, Brooks, or Clark share a similar etymological origin with Bottom. It's important to note that these are potential variants or related surnames; genealogical or historical records would offer most accurate information for an individual lineage.

Famous people with the name Bottom

  • Timothy Bottoms: An American actor and film producer famous for his roles in "The Last Picture Show" and "The Paper Chase." He also starred in the 2006 film "Paradise, Texas."
  • Sam Bottoms: Brother of Timothy, he was also an American actor. Known for his role as Lance B. Johnson, a Navy Gunner's Mate on river patrol boat ("Swift boat") operations during the Vietnam War in the film "Apocalypse Now."
  • Joseph Bottoms: Another brother, he is an Emmy Award-winning actor. He appeared in the 1974 film "The Dove."
  • Ben Bottoms: The youngest of the Bottoms brothers, Ben is also an actor. He had a notable role in the film "Bronco Billy."
  • Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah: Known by the nickname "Bottom", he was the ruler of Kuwait from 1950 until his death in 1965.
  • Calum Bottom: A modern travel blogger who shares his experiences and trips on his own self-titled blog. Please note that styles and fame might vary between these personalities, some being widely recognized while others are notorious only in specific circles or regions.

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