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Surname Braggs - Meaning and Origin

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Braggs: What does the surname Braggs mean?

The last name Braggs is of English origin, and it was mainly found in the county of Devon. It is derived from the Welsh word "braw" meaning "proud". Historically, it was used by people to distinguish themselves, usually by their wealth. This would usually be evidenced in the form of a brag or boast. This could be used to describe a person that had a lot of wealth, power, and a good reputation. It is thought that the name Braggs was created by people who wanted to imply that they had a high social position of some kind.

The name Braggs was also commonly used as an occupational surname to refer to people who were employed in various forms of labour like farming or metal work. It is believed that the owners of such business activities gave their workers the name "Braggs" to indicate their employee's quality of work or attitude.

Nowadays, the name Braggs is usually used as a surname that denotes a proud and confident family. People with this surname tend to be outspoken, strong-willed, and independent. They are also usually determined, ambitious, and driven individuals who like to lead. As such, they sometimes come into conflict with authorities but they also tend to be emotionally intelligent and excel in football and other sports. Braggs have a reputation for hard work and being successful in whatever they take on.

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Braggs: Where does the name Braggs come from?

The last name Braggs is most commonly seen in the United States today, especially in the south. It is believed to have originated from a Welsh surname meaning a son of "Bryg"- a personal name derived from a Celtic word meaning "hill". In fact, Braggs is one of the most popular Welsh surnames in the United States today.

The population of Braggs in the US today is largely concentrated in the Southern states of Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina, though some have manage to spread out across the nation. Specifically, Braggs is the 198th most popular surname in Georgia, 441st most popular surname in Alabama, and 790th most popular surname in North Carolina. California, Florida, and Texas also have large Braggs populations.

Overall, there is no exact count of how many people have the Braggs surname in the US, but it is thought to be in the tens of thousands. The British Isles is also home to many people of the Braggs surname, with Wales being the most heavily populated. It is also not uncommon to find Braggs in Australia, Canada, and South Africa.

Variations of the surname Braggs

The surname Braggs has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

The most common spelling of the surname is Braggs, however other spellings can include Bragg, Bragge, Braegs, and Braigg.

The other surnames related to Braggs are Bray, Breagh, Brague, Brake, Bregge, Brug, and Brugge.

The variations of the surname Braggs originate from Anglo-Saxon and Frisian language roots. The surname Braggs originated from an occupational name for someone who worked as a servant or laborer. It was someone who worked as a potter, a seller of earthenware, or the keeper of an alehouse or tavern.

It is an occupational name derived from the Old English words are brycg or braec, meaning a bridge. The surnames Bray, Breagh, and Brake, are all derived from this origin. The surnames Brague and Brugge derive from the place name associated with these occupations.

The variations of the surname Braggs are also found in France, Scotland, and Ireland. The surname Braggs can also be found in the form of Braeger in the German language.

The family names Braggs, Braegs, Braigg, Bragg, Bragge, Bray, Breagh, Brague, Brake, Bregge, Brug, and Brugge have all evolved since their ancestral roots. The variations of the surname Braggs all have the same common roots and originate from the same geographical area.

Famous people with the name Braggs

  • Brad Braggs, Former NFL Defensive Tackle
  • Melvyn Bragg, Baron Bragg, British Writer and Broadcaster
  • Andrew Bragg, Australian Politician
  • Cassius Braggs, NFL Wide Receiver
  • Joanne Braggs, American Poet
  • Nancy Braggs, American Decorative Artists
  • Stephen Braggs, British Politician
  • Lance Braggs Jr., American Actor
  • Walter Braggs, American Musician
  • Albert Braggs, American Actor, Entertainer, and Activist
  • Henry Braggs, Singer songwriter
  • Linsay Bragg, British Politician
  • Ayden Braggs, NFL Player
  • Tom Braggs, British Astronomer
  • Nigel Bragg, British Television Presenter
  • David Braggs, American Music Producer
  • Nancy Braggs, Former NASA Astronaut
  • Sierra Braggs, American Lawyer
  • Brett Braggs, American Football Player
  • Richard Bragg, British Astronomer

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