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Expansive Family Ties & Heritage: A Peek Inside My Brownell Family Histroy Through iGENEA DNA Analysis

Family name Brownell

Following an exhaustive DNA analysis at iGENEA, I unravelled surprising details about my familial roots and the history of my surname, Brownell. The experience was eye-opening, tying my name to a rich British lineage and revealing my ancestors' instrumental roles in medieval and early modern England.

Following a detailed DNA analysis completed at iGENEA, I was blown away by the sheer depth of information revealed about my family roots and my surname, Brownell. The entire process was quite enlightening, expanding my knowledge about my familial origin and the history tied to my name.

Brownell, a proven old English name, was introduced into the British Isles by Anglo-Saxons settlers. The test affirmed that my family lineage traces back to the denizen of a place named Brunwella, originated in England. Brunwella was derived as a compound of the words "brun" meaning "brown" and "wella" meaning "spring" or "stream". Hearing this history of the name Brownell brought to mind images of a tranquil stream, shrouded by large deciduous trees in full fall bloom.

The test results further unveiled that the forebearers of the Brownell name were residents of Lancashire and Yorkshire, England's northern regions. This revelation quite took me by surprise as it intelligibly explained my inexplicable affinity towards the North of England.

The DNA analysis also linked me to a past Brownell generation, renowned for its strong association with the cultural, social, and political life of medieval and early modern England. This founded a significant sense of pride and awe in acknowledging that my ancestors played pivotal roles in shaping society's past landscape.

The iGENEA DNA test also identified several branches of Brownell family spread across the European continent. This widened the scope of my ancestral horizon, providing me the opportunity to trace my descendants' migration patterns.

Overall, my experience with iGENEA was both enriching and enlightening, drastically expanding the way I perceive my surname and family roots.

X. Brownell

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