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Surname Buckhannon - Meaning and Origin

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Buckhannon: What does the surname Buckhannon mean?

The surname Buckhannon does not have a commonly accepted specific meaning as it appears to be a geographical or locational surname. It most likely derived from a place name where the original bearers of the name lived or held land. For instance, Buckhannon is the name of a city in West Virginia, USA. Such surnames were often taken by people who moved from a place, to identify themselves with that location. The name Buckhannon could also potentially be of English origin, as the "-ham" suffix can signify "home" or "homestead" in Old English. However, without specific historical and genealogical data, it's hard to determine the definitive meaning and origin of the surname Buckhannon.

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Buckhannon: Where does the name Buckhannon come from?

The surname Buckhannon is likely of Irish origin, stemming from the Gaelic name "O'Buachain," which was Anglicized as "Buchanan." It is possible that it could be a variant of 'Buchanan' resulting from phonetic spellings by English clerks as they recorded immigrant names in the Middle Ages. Another theory suggests it could also be a variant of Buckingham or be derived from Buckhannon, a city in West Virginia, USA. Given its potential Irish roots, it might be common in regions where descendants of Irish immigrants live, especially in the United States and other English-speaking countries.

However, documented sources showing the exact origins of this surname are limited, so these explanations are based on educated guesses more than proven historical data. Additionally, exact data on where the Buckhannon surname is most common today is not readily available, although it may be presumed to primarily exist in the United States, particularly the areas where Irish immigrants settled. Comprehensive research, possibly including genealogical and immigration records, could potentially provide more precise information.

Variations of the surname Buckhannon

The surname Buckhannon might have several variants and alternative spellings which include Buchannon, Buchanan, Buchannan, Bucannon, Buchanon, Buckhanon, Boughanon, Buckhanno, Buckley, Buckner, Buckholz, and Buckhorn.

The surname is of Scottish origin which possibly derived from the Gaelic "Mac a' Chanonaich", which means "Son of the Canon". It's traditionally associated with the lands of Buchanan to the east of Loch Lomond.

These variants likely developed due to regional dialects, spelling errors and attempts to translate the name in different languages over time. The variations in the surname might also be a result of immigration records (where officials wrote names phonetically) which over time possibly evolved into different surnames.

Please note that not all people carrying these surnames are related and deep genealogical research is necessary to establish familial connections.

Famous people with the name Buckhannon

  • Scott Buckhannon, American film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor
  • William N. Buckhannon, American politician from West Virginia
  • Emily Gresham Buckhannon, bookseller and political activist from Massachusetts
  • Austin Buckhannon, American minor league soccer player
  • Ken Buckhannon, American stockbroker and entrepreneur
  • Robert C. Buckhannon, Justice of West Virginia Supreme Court
  • Don Buckhannon, American football running back
  • Glenn Buckhannon, American minor league baseball player
  • Joe Buckhannon, former Vice President of Southwest Ideation and Design
  • Dean Buckhannon, American freelance photographer
  • Logan Buckhannon, American classical and jazz double bassist
  • Connor Buckhannon, American actor
  • Hosea Buckhannon, American businessman
  • Willy Buckhannon, American musician from San Francisco
  • Matt Buckhannon, former president and CEO of BVU applications
  • Ben Buckhannon, Major in the United States Army
  • Savannah Buckhannon, American personal trainer
  • Abigail Buckhannon, American child actress
  • Annie Buckhannon, American artist
  • Steve Buckhannon, American former basketball player

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