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Surname Buckstan - Meaning and Origin

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Buckstan: What does the surname Buckstan mean?

The last name Buckstan is ultimately derived from the Old English pre 7th century personal name "Bucche" ("bucca" was the Old English for "he-goat"). The name was found in the form of "Buchestan" in the 1086 Domesday Book for Yorkshire and the modern surname can be found in the spellings of Buckstall, Buckstone, Buckston, Buxstall, Buxstone, Buxston and Buckstan.

The surname Buckstan is believed to be occupational in origin, describing someone who bred or kept goats. It may well have described a herdsman of goats in Medieval England. The word "bucca" also appeared in Old English to describe a type of jester, so it is possible that it developed as a nickname for such a person.

The coat of arms for the Buckstan family, which is shown in Matthew's 1835 "Book of British Armory", shows a silver or white goat with a gold blaze on a blue shield. This could be a nod to the various forms of the name, including its likely derivation from "bucca" or "Bucche".

The modern usage of the Buckstan surname is quite widespread. It is thought to exist in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. Despite its relative rarity, it is thought to become more widespread, as it seems to have been adopted as a surname by people of multiple different ethnic backgrounds.

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Buckstan: Where does the name Buckstan come from?

The last name Buckstan is most common in the United States. It is a surname of English origin that is derived from the old Anglo-Saxon words "Buc", which meant "dweller at the beech tree", and "stan", meaning stone. In the United States, the name Buckstan can be found in the 1820 and 1830 United States Census records, particularly in the states of Virginia and Ohio, where records show individuals with the surname of Buckstan living in those two states. The surname is also recorded in other early records of colonial America.

Since then, the name remains popular throughout the United States, with large numbers in particular congregating in Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, California, Missouri, Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oregon, Indiana, and Illinois. These states especially have seen significant growth of the surname since around 1880. Currently, the largest number of individuals recorded with the Buckstan surname live in Tennessee, where records show nearly 3,000 individuals throughout the state. Ohio, Michigan, and California all have between 1,000 and 2,000 individuals with the surname.

As more and more people migrate and intermingle, the Buckstan name has become more widespread. Today, the surname is known in many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries.

Variations of the surname Buckstan

The surname Buckstan is derived from the name Buckingham and is believed to be an English surname. The variants of the name Buckstan include: Buckingham, Buckston, Bukston, Buckstonne, Bukstone and Buckstane.

Buckingham is an aristocratic surname which is derived from the Old English words 'buc' and 'inga-ham' which translates to 'homestead of the buccas'. This surname is believed to originate from the village of Buckingham, located in a shire in the central area of England.

Buckston and Bukston variations of the same surname, with the spelling differences likely a result of the poor spelling among the non-educated commoners.

Buckstonne and Bukstone likely stem from an alternative spelling of Buckingham. This spelling likely had an intentional purpose as the family wanted to distinguish themselves from those with the same surname.

Buckstane is another variant of the surname and is derived from the name Buckstone, a variation of the name Buckston. This spelling of the surname is likely derived from Buckstone House, located in the parish of Ardrossan in Ayrshire, Scotland.

All of these variants, spellings and surnames of Buckstan are derived from the Old English 'buc' and 'inga-ham' and share the same origin. However, some of these variants are likely intentional spelling changes resulting from family distinctions or to associate with certain geographic areas.

Famous people with the name Buckstan

  • Tia Buckstan: an American cyclist and extreme sports enthusiast
  • Herman Buckstan: a famous American actor from the 1950s
  • Shannon Buckstan: a contemporary New Zealand-born choreographer
  • James Buckstan: a British-born artist from the mid-1800s
  • Rebecca Buckstan: a modern American graphic designer
  • Jack Buckstan: winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his political writing
  • Jennifer Buckstan: a British Academy Award-winning film director
  • Robert Buckstan: a contemporary American entrepreneur and television host
  • Claudia Buckstan: a UK-based singer and songwriter
  • Audrey Buckstan: an Australian-born actress from the early 1970s

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