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Surname Buhl - Meaning and Origin

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Discovering History and Identity: My Genealogical Journey with iGENEA and the Buhl Surname

Unearthed through the iGENEA DNA Test, my journey into my family name- Buhl was full of discoveries. From learning about its 13th century origin in South Western Germany, to tracing potential migrations and uncovering our likely profession as vineyard owners, my understanding of our family history has greatly deepened.

V. Buhl

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Buhl: What does the surname Buhl mean?

The surname Buhl has German origins and is believed to be topographic in nature. It signifies a person who resided near a hill or lived in a hilly terrain. Buhl is derived from the Middle High German term "buhel" or the Middle Low German term "bull", both of which translate to "hill". Therefore, it was often attributed to individuals who settled around such geographical landmarks. This common practice in medieval Europe was used to denote where a person lived, offering an easy identifier for others within the same community. The name Buhl may also have been used as a nickname for a rotund or stout individual, similar to the way 'round' can mean 'chubby' in modern usage. Over time, the name has experienced spelling changes and variations, leading to numerous versions across different regions. As with most surnames, it's possible to trace the lineage and history of the Buhl family through historical records and genealogical research.

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Buhl: Where does the name Buhl come from?

The last name Buhl has origins in both Germany and France. It is believed to have come from either a place name or a personal name in these regions. Some sources suggest it as derived from the Middle High German terms "buhel" or "bühel", meaning “hill”. In a French context, the surname might possibly be connected to the town named Buhl in Alsace, a region in northeastern France.

While the surname is not extraordinarily common worldwide today, it is most frequently found in Germany. However, it does have a presence in various western countries, including the United States, France, and Denmark. Popularity size notwithstanding, the Buhl surname has a number of involved individuals of significance with this name, including tycoons, athletes, and artists. It is interesting to note that despite it being a German-origin surname, the Buhl name can be found quite consistently across diverse nations, signifying the mobility of past generations.

Variations of the surname Buhl

The surname Buhl is believed to have originated from Central Europe, mainly Germany and Poland. Variants of this name can differ greatly due to the different dialects throughout these regions. The most common spelling variant of Buhl is Buhler, often used in Switzerland and other German-speaking regions. Other variations include Buehl, Buhel, Buehler, and Buehlmann. In Sweden, a similar surname is Bjel, while in Denmark it is Bühl or Bøhl.

The name Buhl is believed to be a topographic surname. This means it originally referred to a physical feature of landscape, as it stems from Middle High German 'bühel' or ‘bühil’ meaning ‘hill’. Therefore, families with similar surnames such as Hill, Hills, or Hügel may also originate from similar roots.

While there are people with these surnames all over the world, the highest concentration of individuals with the Buhl surname remain in Germany and the United States. It’s important to note that the spelling and variations of this surname could have been altered significantly over time due to factors like migration, language alteration and regional dialects.

Famous people with the name Buhl

  • Christian Buhl: A Danish politician.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Buhl: A German theologian.
  • Bobby Buhl: An American baseball pitcher.
  • Hans Buhl: A Danish musicologist who was active from the 1950s until the 1970s.
  • Francis Buhl: A French footballer who played for FC Metz.
  • Niki Buhl: A well-known German bike trial athlete.
  • Gerd Buhl: A former German football player who was most notably part of the FC Bayern Munich squad.
  • Sonja Buhl: A German tennis professional.
  • April Buhl: A singer-songwriter from Oregon.
  • Kathi Buhl: An American activist in the area of neurodiversity.
  • Warren T. Buhl: A former U.S. jurist and politician. It should be noted that there are many other people named Buhl who are prominent in their respective fields such as local politics, entrepreneurship, academia, etc., even though they might not be globally recognized.

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