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Surname Butrumm - Meaning and Origin

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Butrumm: What does the surname Butrumm mean?

The last name Butrumm is of German origin. It is derived from the Middle High German word "brumme", meaning an animal, particularly a cow. The name itself was used by persons who worked with cows or kept them as livestock. This name could be found in several locations in Germany during the medieval period, with prominent families across Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, as well as in Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The modern spelling of Butrumm was first documented during the 16th century in Switzerland, but the original spelling is thought to have evolved over centuries of migrations and cultural interchanges. Records of the name from that time tend to be slightly different from each other, leading researchers to believe the family may have had multiple origins.

Butrumm is a relatively uncommon surname even today, but those bearing this name can trace their lineage back to medieval Germany. Many of these German families carry names which reflect occupations, places of origin, physical characteristics, locations and other relevant information. In the case of the Butrumm family, their ancestral tie can be tied to cattle farming and their ancestral homeland.

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Butrumm: Where does the name Butrumm come from?

The Butrumm surname is first found in Bavaria, Germany, where the family contributed greatly to the development of an emerging nation and would later become an integral part of the influential German noble family of Ausfels.

The Butrumm surname is still a fairly common name in the region, but it has spread widely throughout Europe too. There are families now bearing the Butrumm name who are from Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. It is also found in the United States, where records show a large number of early immigrants bearing the Butrumm family name, coming from all corners of the European continent.

The Butrumm surname is still common in Germany and much of Central and Eastern Europe. It is also found in North and South America, where, in some modest numbers, it is still quite common in Canada and the United States.

The presence of the Butrumm name does not exist in great numbers anywhere in the modern world, but it is still present and recognizable enough so that, if one were to carry out a detailed search, one should be able to discover this, once important, ancient surname in many modern countries throughout the world.

Variations of the surname Butrumm

Butrumm is a surname that can be derived from two possible origins and can have many different variants, spellings and surnames.

The first is from a place name derived from the Germanic elements 'but' meaning 'dwelling' and 'rumm' meaning 'room' and so, the name Butrumm could be a habitational name for a person who lived in the village of Butrumm. Variants of this surname include Butrum, Butrhum, Bitrum, Butraum, Butramm, and Butcrumm.

The second possible origin of the Butrumm surname is from the given name "Butro", which was a medieval German personal name. Variants of the surname could include Butroe, Butrau, Butroh, Butrow, Buttram, or Butterum.

It is likely that the surname could also take on a variety of spellings dependent on local accents and dialects; for example, it may take a form such as Butromm, Butrhumm or Bootrum, Buttrom or Butromm.

The Butrumm surname can be found in many different countries, including Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, England and Scotland, and it is possible that different local variants of the surname could be found depending on which region it was passed down through.

Famous people with the name Butrumm

  • Chris Butrumm: a celebrity from the UK whose career spans across film, television, radio and theatre.
  • Judy Butrumm: an American artist, author, and lecturer.
  • William Butrumm: a lawyer and philantrophist from the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • David Butrumm: a British theatre director, actor, and writer.
  • Alan Butrumm: an Australian actor and comedian.
  • Adam Butrumm: a UK-based composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Monique Butrumm: an American fashion designer.
  • Jo-Anne Butrumm: a Canadian performance artist.
  • Richard Butrumm: an American jazz trumpeter and vocalist.
  • Joshua Butrumm: a British journalist and columnist.
  • Amanda Butrumm: an Australian author and playwright.
  • Heather Butrumm: a US television host and radio personality.
  • Laura Butrumm: a British film producer and film director.
  • Helen Butrumm: an American cinematographer and film director.
  • Simon Butrumm: a French painter and sculptor.

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