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Surname Butscheid - Meaning and Origin

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Butscheid: What does the surname Butscheid mean?

Butscheid is a German surname, thought to have originated in the Middle Ages. It derives from the German word for 'shepherd', with 'butt' being a variant of the word 'bote', meaning someone who looks after cattle. Over the centuries, Butscheid has been further adapted into different variants, including Butscheide, Butschel, Butschee, and Butscha.

The majority of people with the Butscheid surname are found in Germany, although is also found in scattered parts of other European countries such as Switzerland. Butscheid is also found in the United States, where it is primarily found in the Midwest and Pennsylvania. It is thought that this surname was brought over to America during the 19th century, when there was a wave of German immigrants. Usage of this surname in the United States has continued to this day, with as many as 3,000 people carrying the surname in America.

Butscheid is thought to have been originally meaning a shepherd, but it has since come to mean more than this. The characterization of someone being 'like a shepherd' is linked to qualities such as being dependable, wise, and reliable – the perfect qualities of a leader. As such, Butscheid has come take on a much more positive meaning in recent years, with many families taking pride in their heritage and the Butscheid name.

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Butscheid: Where does the name Butscheid come from?

The surname Butscheid is most commonly seen in Germany today. The name originates from the Middle Un German “butscheit”, which means “butcher”. The surname likely became its own hereditary name when someone of the trade had a son that took on his father’s trade and wanted to distinguish himself from other butchers in the area. This happened especially in northern Germany, especially in the region of Westphalia.

Today, numerous records shows that Germans with this surname are located primarily in Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Westphalia, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse. Some individuals have emigrated to other countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Australia and Brazil.

Many individuals with the surname have achieved success in a variety of fields, with some of the most famous being professional footballers and painters. The most famous person with the surname is unquestionably film director Rainer Butscheid, who won an Oscar for his documentary about concentration camps.

Given its prominence in Germany, it is not surprising that Butscheid is still fairly common today. The name carries with it a great representation of German culture, making it a popular choice for parents of today.

Variations of the surname Butscheid

The variant spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Butscheid are Buscheid, Buschheid, Butscheit, and Buscheit. The spelling variants of Butscheid are likely derived from Low German dialects that are spoken in Northern Germany, often on the border of The Netherlands.

Butscheid is a surname of German origin and is one of the many surnames derived from the root word “busch”, which means bush. People with this last name were likely of a rural nature and most likely had some connection with the growing and harvesting of trees and plants. They were also probably farmers in the past.

The Butscheid surname is thought to have originated in Northern Germany and it is known as a regional surname since it is not very common outside of this region. It is possible that some members of the Butscheid family who migrated to other countries changed their name to Buscheid or another spelling in order to make it easier to pronounce or fit into cultures with different dialects.

The individuals with the surname Butscheid can also find their surname in records and documents under the variants Buscheid, Buschheid, Butscheit, and Buscheit. So if a person is looking into their family tree, it would be beneficial to search all spelling variations of the surname as well.

Famous people with the name Butscheid

  • Max Butscheid: German footballer who currently plays for FC Erzgebirge Aue.
  • Michael Butscheid: German football head coach of the TSG Neustrelitz.
  • Mike Butscheid: American parallel bars and balance beam specialist who competed for the U.S. Olympic Committee.
  • Geoff Butscheid: American runner and former member of the US National Track and Field Team.
  • Stacey Butscheid: former NCAA Division I pole vaulter from the University of Minnesota.
  • Donald J. Butscheid: former agricultural director for the city of Racine, Wisconsin.
  • Justin Butscheid: American mountain biker and professional cyclist.
  • Walter Butscheid: German actor who appeared in the 2008 film, Das Ende.
  • Rob Butscheid: American professional football coach whose last team was the Kansas City Chiefs.
  • Charles Butscheid: American music composer and arranger with works appearing in over nine hundred TV shows and films.

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