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Surname Buttram - Meaning and Origin

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Buttram: What does the surname Buttram mean?

The last name Buttram is of English origin and its meaning is derived from the old English word "botm," which refers to an enclosed valley or hollow. The name is most likely derived from someone who lived near such a valley.

The original spelling of Buttram was probably Bote-drem, which is a contraction of Bote dreym, meaning a "hollow valley," and was used as a surname in early medieval times. People who lived near valleys or streams were identified by the name Buttram.

The Buttram surname is most common in the country of England, although it can also be found in Scotland. In England, the Buttram surname is well documented in the counties of Worcestershire, Warwickshire, and Leicestershire. The surname has also been seen in parts of the United States, mainly in the states of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

The name Buttram is also sometimes found spelled as Botem or Buttramm. This variation probably originated due to a poor written record or a misinterpreted dialect of the name.

Throughout history, many people with the surname Buttram have played a significant role in their respective communities. Notable holders of the Buttram surname include former English Member of Parliament John Buttram, landscape architect Samuel Y. Buttram, English cricket player David Buttram, and American Civil War soldier Robert William Buttram.

Buttram: Where does the name Buttram come from?

The last name Buttram is today primarily found in English-speaking countries, especially in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, there were over 3,700 people surnamed “Buttram” in the United States as of the 2000 census, making it the between 1,801st and 1,900th most common name in the country. It is most common in Texas, followed by California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Georgia. In other English-speaking countries, the name is much less common, but is found in small numbers in the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

The Buttram surname is thought to have originated in the English Midlands, near the border of Wales, either during the Middle Ages or shortly afterwards. Records suggest it may have derived from the Old French boterel, meaning “small fry” or “small person.” Alternatively, the name may have been derived from Bridgradam, a settlement in west Gloucestershire in the parish of Westbury-on-Severn.

The Buttrum surname may have been taken up by settlers during the period of English colonization in the Americas in the 17th and 18th centuries, leading to its current prevalence in the US today. In any case, Buttram is still found in the places it originated, although it is much less common than it is in the US.

Variations of the surname Buttram

The surname Buttram is of Old English origin and has its roots in the ancient Anglo-Saxon culture. It is derived from the Old English personal name Buthrich, which comes from the words 'but' and 'ric', which mean ‘public power’.

Variations of the surname Buttram include Buttrum, Buttramme, Buttrim, Buttramm, Butterm, and Butserm. Many of these surnames have been altered over time as different spellings were adopted and used by the people who bore the name.

Other related surnames include Butterman, Butterham, Buttermere, Butterfield, Butterworth, Bettridge, Bettrass, Buttersworth, and Buttrong.

It is also possible to find other variants of Buttram by including hyphenated and double surnames, such as But-Tram or But-Troam. In Scotland, Buttram is sometimes spelled Butheram.

The spellings and forms of Buttram have been further altered by regional dialects, as well as immigration and emigration to other countries throughout history. This has often resulted in variants of the surname, such as Boutram, Buttrem, and Bouthram. In the United States, the surname is sometimes seen spelled as "Buttram".

Famous people with the name Buttram

  • Pat Buttram: American actor, best known for his role as the sidekick to Gene Autry in film and television
  • Sammi Smith: American country singer-songwriter and actress
  • Jody Buttram: American musician, recording artist, songwriter, and producer
  • Buddy Buttram: American football coach and college athletics administrator
  • Curt Buttram: American commercial appraiser, real estate broker, and bank executive
  • Barry Buttram: American actor, producer, director and screenwriter
  • Ryan Buttram: American professional wrestler better known by his ring name, Ryan Kidman
  • Alan Buttram: American stock investor and financier
  • Robert Buttram: American character actor whose credits include high budget feature films, television shows, and independent films
  • Bill Buttram: American musician and composer for National Geographic Films

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