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Surname Cabanillas - Meaning and Origin

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Cabanillas: What does the surname Cabanillas mean?

The last name Cabanillas is a patronymic surname derived from the Spanish cabana, meaning "hut" or "cabin". It is a very ancient last name, with records of at least one family with it in the 11th century in the town of Cabanillas, in Castile, Spain.

The first Cabanillas family were farmers and herders living in a hut in the fields - hence, the origin of the name. Over time, members of different generations of the family would use the name as their own surname.

Historically, the birthplace of the Cabanillas family has determined its meaning. The town of Cabanillas was the home of many ancient families and has been part of the kingdom of Castile since 1248. As a result, the Cabanillas name has also taken on a symbolic meaning as a provider of strength and stability, as Castile played an important political role in Spain for centuries.

Today, the Cabanillas family is found in many countries around the world and its symbolic meaning has not been lost, while its origin as an ancient Spanish last name is celebrated among modern family members. As descendants of a proud family, Cabanillas is still capable of conveying strength and stability, now unified by more than just a last name.

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Cabanillas: Where does the name Cabanillas come from?

The last name Cabanillas is commonly found throughout Latin America, especially in the countries of Mexico and Chile. This is likely due to the Spanish influence in these countries.

In Mexico, the last name is often seen in the states of Jalisco, Michoacán, Puebla, and Nuevo León. In Chile, the last name is commonly seen in the city of Santiago and other cities in the central and southern parts of the country.

The last name Cabanillas is also found in the US, although at a much lower rate than in Mexico and Chile. This is likely due to the higher rate of immigration from Latin American countries to the US. The most commonly reported regions for the Cabanillas surname are California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Arizona.

The last name Cabanillas is also occasionally seen in Spain, as this is likely the country of origin for the name. In Spain, the last name can be found in regions such as Madrid, Galicia, and the Basque region.

Overall, Cabanillas is a relatively common last name throughout Latin America and the United States. Its roots can be traced back to areas such as Spain and its Latin American territories, making it an interesting variation on the more traditional Spanish names.

Variations of the surname Cabanillas

Cabanillas is a Spanish surname originating from a medieval region located in the northwest of Spain. The most common spelling of the surname is Cabanillas, although variations do exist. Alternate spellings of this surname include Cabanillas, Cabanellas, Cabanyes, Cabanillas, and Cabañas.

The surname Cabanillas comes from the Spanish work "cabañas," meaning habitations or dwellings. In some cases, the surname Cabanillas may be a reference to someone who lived in a small village or a place of habitation.

Variations of the surname Cabanillas can also be found in other Spanish-speaking countries. In Latin America, the surname can be found as Cabanillas, Cabanellas, Cabanyas, Caballero, Cabañas, and Cabanyes, among other variations.

In some cases, the surname Cabanillas may have originated from a place name, indicating that the first bearer of the surname may have come from a place named Cabanillas. In some other cases, the surname may be a habitational name, derived from a place name where the original bearer of the surname resided or was born.

Cabanillas is also a common surname among the Jewish communities of Spain. In these cases, the surname is often spelled Cabañas and could have been adopted to distinguish descendants of Jewish families after the Jews were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century.

Lastly, the surname Cabanillas can also refer to a place name in Portugal, indicating that the first bearer of the surname may have had a connection to the area.

Famous people with the name Cabanillas

  • José Cabanillas: Jose Cabanillas is a professional BMX racer. He is a four-time Spanish BMX Champion and has been racing since the age of 8.
  • Héctor Cabanillas: Hector Cabanillas is a professional soccer player who plays for UD Las Palmas in La Liga. He has also represented Spain at the Olympics.
  • Marta Cabanillas: Marta Cabanillas is a Spanish journalist and reporter who is currently working for El Mundo newspaper.
  • Javi Cabanillas: Javi Cabanillas is a Spanish contrabass player. He is currently the bassist for the Arturo O'Farrill Quintet.
  • Francisco Cabanillas: Francisco Cabanillas is a Spanish hurdler who competed at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.
  • Maria Cabanillas: Maria Cabanillas is an actress from Spain. She is best known for her roles in the films La Noche de los Duendes and Deliciosa Vida.
  • Josep Cabanillas: Josep Cabanillas is a Spanish musician. He is the lead singer for the Basque rock band Kukutza.
  • Fa Cabanillas: Fa Cabanillas is a Spanish triathlete who competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Fransisco Cabanillas: Francisco Cabanillas is a Spanish composer and teacher. He composed numerous pieces for orchestra and chamber music and conducted opera and oratorios.

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