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Surname Cäbel - Meaning and Origin

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Cäbel: What does the surname Cäbel mean?

The last name Cäbel is of German origin, and is believed to have originated from the region of Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany. It is very likely that the name was derived from a German word meaning "goat herder" or "livestock keeper". This suggests that those who originally adopted the name were livestock herders, likely keeping either goats or sheep.

The name Cäbel itself is a combination of two German words - cab and lēn. This suggests a sense of ownership on the word cab, as lēn is derived from the German word meaning "to take possession of". Thus, the name Cäbel implies that the original bearers of this surname were keepers or owners of cab, or goats.

Throughout the centuries, the name Cäbel has come to be associated with various noble and distinguished families in Germany. It has also come to be adopted by people of other nationalities who moved to the country. Today, the name Cäbel remains widely distributed throughout German-speaking countries, where it is still used most commonly as a surname.

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Cäbel: Where does the name Cäbel come from?

The last name Cäbel is an old German family surname with roots in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. It is derived from the Middle High German word "kabele" which means "straw cover" or "thatched roof." Today, it is most common in Germany and Switzerland, where people with that last name form small but significant minorities. In Germany, the Cäbel surname is concentrated mostly in the southern states of Hesse and Bavaria, as well as around Silesia. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the Cäbel name is most prominent in the cantons of Zurich, Bern, Solothurn, and Schwyz.

The Cäbel family is thought to have originated in the Upper Rhine Valley circa the 12th century, and it continues to be a prominent name in Europe today. Records suggest that members of the Cäbel family have long been involved in all levels of German society, including clergy, nobility, and even professional always. Moreover, much like other German families of the time, the Cäbel were often compelled to migrate across Europe due to political and religious strife.

Today, there are many famous people within the Cäbel family, including German physicist Edmund Cäbel and Swiss painter Carl Cäbelli. Additionally, the Cäbel family is prominent within the Austrian city of Graz, where many monuments, memorials, and institutions have been established in honor of Cäbel family members. Despite its dwindling numbers, the Cäbel surname, and the legacy of the Cäbel family, remain active throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.

Variations of the surname Cäbel

The surname Cäbel has several variants, alternative spellings, and related surnames.

Cabel is one of the most common variants. It is also the most frequently used spelling in North America. Cebel and Kebel are both common German variations, with Kebel being the most frequent spelling used in Germany. Cevele is another variant also found in Germany. In Poland, the variant spelling Kabel is more common.

Other variants and alternative spellings include Cabeler, Kabeler, Cabelle, Kabella, Cabeau, Cabo, Capello, and Kapella.

Cahill, Cawley, Kay, Quail, and Kail are all surnames of similar origins.

Cäbel is a Germanic surname of uncertain origin although some evidence suggests it may be derived from an old German word meaning neglected land. Other theories contend that the surname may be derived from a nickname given to those with a “crooked” or “bent” appearance, or from a Jewish surname.

Famous people with the name Cäbel

  • Paul Cäbel: German architect, part of the Bauhaus movement during the interwar period.
  • Frank Cäbel: Nigerian football midfielder, playing professionally for TSV Bochum since 2020.
  • George Cäbel: Serbian painter, known for his artworks dedicated to the urban development in Belgrade.
  • Alfred Cäbel: Austrian pianist, composer, and musicologist, specializing in the works of Mozart and Haydn.
  • Ivar Cäbel: Danish actor, part of the ensemble of The Royal Danish Theatre since 2014.
  • Erik Cäbel: Polish novelist, best known for his adventure series “Energy of Adventure”.
  • Jelena Cäbel: Croatian sculptor, notable for her works that depict the power of nature.
  • Karl Cäbel: Swiss architect, known for the design of the 18th-century cathedral in Lucerne.
  • Valter Cäbel: Czech physicist, contributing to the development of nuclear physics in the late 19th century.
  • Sven Cäbel: German conductor, specializing in 19th and 20th century music, from Wagner to Stravinsky.

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