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Surname Caddow - Meaning and Origin

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Caddow: What does the surname Caddow mean?

The last name Caddow likely has its origins in the ancient kingdom of Scotland, as it is a Scots variant of the Clan name Caddle. Since the name is derived from a Scottish clan, it is possible that many of the bearers of the name are descended from ancient Scottish Royalty.

The name is generally thought to be derived from the Gaelic word 'Cadha', which means 'Edge' or 'Headland'. By association, the name Caddow could mean that the family originated from an area with a characteristic land formation, such as a promontory or a cape jutting out into the ocean.

Today, the name Caddow is still highly popular in Scotland, with many bearers of the name still living in the country. In addition, the name has been adopted by individuals all over the world, with many notable people bearing the name. This includes athletes, politicians, actors, and musicians.

Overall, the name Caddow suggests a long and proud history of Scottish ancestry, and the many bearers of the name around the world are a testament to its remarkable legacy.

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Caddow: Where does the name Caddow come from?

The surname Caddow is most commonly found in the United Kingdom today. It is especially widespread in Scotland, particularly in the Lowlands, as well as in northern England and Ireland. In terms of exact geographical locations, Caddow is predominantly located in the cities and towns of Glasgow, Edinburgh, York, and Manchester. It is also found within the counties of Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Aberdeenshire.

In addition to the UK, the name Caddow is also found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is typically concentrated in the Midwest, Northeast, and Great Lakes regions of America, as well as in the larger cities of Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. In Australia, the name is prominent in the state of Victoria.

Apart from these countries, Caddow is also present in smaller numbers in Ireland, South Africa, and India. For example, in India, its highest concentration is in the union territories of Delhi and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Based on global statistics from various ancestry websites, Caddow remains a comparatively rare name today, with approximately 8,000-10,000 individuals sharing the same last name across the world.

Variations of the surname Caddow

The surname Caddow has multiple variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common forms of this surname include "Caddell," "Caddoe," "Caddell," "Caddow," "Cadell," "Caddell," "Caddell," "Caddoe," and "Caddel." These variations can be found in many countries, including both Scotland and England.

In Scotland, the main variants are Caddell, Caddoe, and Caddow. In England, Caddell is the most popular variation, but other variants like Cadell, Caddell, Cadwell, and Caddoe also exist. In the United States, Cadell is the most frequently found variation, with Caddell and Caddoe also occurring.

The Caddow spelling can also be found in the form of names like Cadwell and Cadell, when researching different spellings of the name. Cadwell is derived from the same root as Caddow but is a longer, slightly different version of the original name. Similarly, Cadell is derived from the same root but differs in the spelling of the second syllable.

The surnames Cadier, Cadwallder, Calrower, Cadweller, Cadwaller, Cadweller, Caldweller, and Callway also have roots in the Caddell/Caddow surname. These surnames may have come from Scotland, England, or Wales depending on the source.

Surname Caddow is a variant of the popular Scottish surname Caddell, and its variants were brought to other countries by various members of the Caddell clan. The Caddow surname is still a fairly popular name in Scotland, England and some parts of the United States.

Famous people with the name Caddow

  • Adam Caddow: English professional cricketer
  • Lindsay Caddow: Canadian World Cup ski racer
  • Michael Caddow: actor, composer, musician, producer
  • Richard Caddow: British trainee solicitor
  • Twan Caddow: Canadian football player
  • Wendy Caddow: Canadian philanthropist and businesswoman
  • Simon Caddow: English football coach
  • Robby Caddow: American investor
  • Clifford Caddow: Canadian entrepreneur
  • Stephen Caddow: Canadian graphic design entrepreneur

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