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Surname Cadir - Meaning and Origin

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Cadir: What does the surname Cadir mean?

The last name Cadir is of Turkish origin and it is a variant of the name Cadirci. The literal meaning of the name is "mockery". It is believed that this family name was originally used to describe people in a humorous, teasing way as they sought to differentiate themselves from others. This could refer to their physical appearance or character traits that made them unique.

Historically, the Cadir family members were merchants, traders, craftspeople and other working-class people. It is possible that this name was initially used as a way to describe the individuals of the family and make themfeel more distinguished despite their humble means.

Today, the Cadir family name is used to honor and recognize the unique traits of those originally given the name and is a reminder of their legacy. It is still heavily used in Turkey and reflects the strength of their culture and heritage.

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Cadir: Where does the name Cadir come from?

The last name Cadir is most commonly found in countries in Southeast Asia, specifically within Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Cadir is a patronymic and hereditary surname, which means it is typically passed down from father to child.

In Turkey, Cadir can be found in cities such as Bursa, Psake, Adana and Istanbul, as well as in the Black Sea region. It is most common in Istanbul where the family name can still be found in old records of Muslim families who lived along the Bosporus.

In Indonesia, the Cadir family name is most commonly found in Java and the surrounding islands. It is a popular family name among Indonesian Muslims as the country is the world's most populous Muslim majority nation.

The Cadir family name can also be found in Malaysia, particularly in the states of Selangor, Johor, and Perak. The name is associated most with Johor, a state located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.

In summary, the last name Cadir is most commonly found in Southeast Asia, specifically in Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It is most popular in Istanbul, Java, and the state of Johor.

Variations of the surname Cadir

The surname Cadir has numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. It is predominantly used by Armenians and is derived from the Armenian suffix -dirk or -dirkh, which means “son” or “descendant.”As a result, individuals with this surname will also have variants that include “-dirk” or “-dirkh” in the name.

Variants of the surname Cadir include the Armenian-origin names Gadir, Kardir, Kedir, Keder, Kederian, Karderian, Kadarian, Qedayri, Qadiri, Kadri, Gadirian, Kaldanian, Qadiraid, and Qadarian, among others.

Also of Armenian origin is the spelling variant Kadarian that has become popular in the United States and Canada. This variant is also seen as Kedarian, Kadirian, Kadyrian, Kaderian, and Gatarian.

In some cases, the variant spellings of the name Cadir can also appear as surnames of origin. These include the surnames Cade, Cadd, Cad, Cady, Gad, and Gade.

The surname Cadir can also be spelled as Cadi, Cadee, Cady, Caty, Catty, Kati, Katiya, Kayti, Katya, Katia, Katiba, Kadiya, Kadi, Katy, Katya, Kadie, Kadee, Kadeh, Carde, Cardy, Carsi, and Carse.

Aside from the variant spellings of the surname Cadir, there are also several surnames that have derived from the same origin. These include Kadrian, Kadivic, Kadich, Cadich, Cadick, Cadio, Cadence, Cadence, Kadey, Kadide, Kadima, Kemman, Quateman, Kedima, Qadiva, Qinman, and Cardias.

Famous people with the name Cadir

  • Meral Cadir: Meral Cadir is a popular Turkish singer and songwriter. She is most well-known for her ballads and folk music.
  • Anil Cadir: Anil Cadir is a professional footballer from Turkey who plays for Istanbul BB as a forward.
  • Theodor Cadir: Theodor Cadir is a Romanian film director who is best known for being awarded the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or in 2020 for his film, “Two of Us”.
  • Orhan Cadir: Orhan Cadir is a popular singer and songwriter from Turkey. He is known for his folk and türkü (traditional Turkish folk) music. 5.Erkan Cadir: Erkan Cadir is a former professional tennis player from Turkey who was a part of the Davis Cup team. 6.Yusuf Cadir: Yusuf Cadir is a Turkish entrepreneur and businessman who is the founder of the investment firm, Cadir Holding. 7.Emre Cadir: Emre Cadir is a Turkish Olympic medalist who won two bronze medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics for swimming events. 8.Ayca Cadir: Ayca Cadir is a Turkish-American television presenter and model who currently resides in Los Angeles. 9.Atilla Cadir: Atilla Cadir is a Turkish diplomat and former ambassador to India. 10.Serra Cadir: Serra Cadir is an award-winning Turkish news anchor and journalist. She is known for her hard-hitting interviews with politicians and businessmen.

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