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Surname Cafer - Meaning and Origin

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Cafer: What does the surname Cafer mean?

The surname Cafer is derived from the Arabic Khafr, meaning "generous one". Historically, it has been associated with an ancient Mesopotamian tribe of Arabia, whose chief – al-Khafr – is said to have been the first of the tribe to dedicate himself to Islam upon the mission of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him).

As a name, Cafer is thought to carry connotations of generosity, protection, and peace. In Islamic cultures, it is often used as a form of endearment and respect for those of the younger generation or those respected within the community. The generosity associated with this name signifies how a bearer of the name gives freely and without judgement, and acts as a leader with compassion and strength.

In modern times, the Cafer surname is most commonly encountered in Turkey, where it is considered a noble and respected name. The Cafer family is known for its high standing in society, intelligence, and philanthropy.

The name Cafer is unique and carries with it a rich history that speaks to the nobility, courage, and generosity that is often held in esteem in many Islamic countries. It is a name that can be found among men and women of all ages; and a reminder of the need to remain dedicated to the Islamic faith – and to carry forward the legacy of its people.

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Cafer: Where does the name Cafer come from?

The last name Cafer is most commonly found in Turkey. According to the World Names Profiler, it is the 2468th most common surname in the world. In Turkey, it ranks 32nd in popularity with over 100,000 bearers of the name.

Cafer is likely derived from the Arabic word for "generous" and is thought to have been a title of honor given to kindness and generosity displayed in the early Ottoman Empire more than 500 years ago.

The surname is very common among Turkish Muslims with over 90% of all Cafer families having the surname. The Cafer family is thought to have originated in modern-day Iraq and Iran and made their way into Anatolia during the early Ottoman Era.

Today, the last name is most commonly found in Turkey, followed byGermany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, United States, Georgia, and Afghanistan. In the United States, the Cafer family is largely concentrated in the states of California, New York, and Florida. Outside of Turkey and the United States, the name is especially popular among people with Turkish heritage in countries like Germany, Russia, and Ukraine, where there are hundreds of people with the surname.

Variations of the surname Cafer

The surname Cafer (also spelled Cafar, Caffar or Caffer) is of Turkish origin, and is derived from the Turkish word “kafir” meaning “unbeliever.” It was originally used as a nickname for someone who was considered to be hostile toward the Islamic faith.

The name is also known to have variants in spelling, such as Kaefer, Cafier, Kafir, Kaffir, Caffre, Cafar, Caffar, Kapfer and Kapfir. In some countries, the surname has been transformed into variations such as Kefer in Germany, Kefir in Greece, and Kapferer in Austria.

In some cases, the surname has gone through name changes over time, with some families and members of the Cafer clan dropping the “C” and adding the “K” to form Kafer. Meanwhile, some members of the clan remain Cafar in spelling today.

When it comes to surnames of similar origin, it is known that Cafer has a relationship to Gafer, Lefert, Kaftan, and Kahveci, which are all derived from the same Turkish language roots.

Despite the various variants of the surname, it is believed that all members of the Cafer clan are ultimately of the same heritage and share a common origin.

Famous people with the name Cafer

  • Di̇fe Cafer Qubadi̇: a Sorani Kurdish poet and singer.
  • Tahir Cafer: a Turkish film actor who appeared in over 100 films.
  • Raed Cafer: an Iraqi-Kurdish journalist who works for Radio Free Iraq.
  • Abu Bakr al-Cafer: an Islamic scholar and theologian who wrote about the Islamic faith.
  • Nayif Sadiq Cafer: a Saudi Arabian businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Refaat Shaheen Khalil Cafer: an Egyptian historian, climber, and mountaineer.
  • Elaheh Cafer: an Iranian classical musician, vocalist, and composer.
  • Mustafa Cafer Sariyildiz: a Turkish footballer who plays as a forward.
  • Şule Cafer: a Turkish judoka and fighting sports coach.
  • Kawa Cafer Qadir:a Kurdish judge and lawyer who is the president of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq's High Court.

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