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Surname Cafferty - Meaning and Origin

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Cafferty: What does the surname Cafferty mean?

The surname Cafferty is a popular Irish name, originating from the Gaelic word “Ceifire.” This surname literally translates to “one who engages in commerce,” thus suggesting the Cafferty family had a history of merchants or financiers.

The Cafferty family originally resides from County Clare, Ireland and has since largely spread to America since the mid 19th century.

The Cafferty Coat of Arms dates back to the 1600s. The family motto, “Quaecumque Sunt Vera” appears on the crest and is translated to “Whatever must be true.” The exact phrase has different interpretations, but it translates to “Speak the truth; justice shall prevail.” This famous motto was said to reinforce the Cafferty family’s commitment to ethical practices.

Today, descendants of the Cafferty family remain highly successful in all walks of life and are widely known for their dedication to building meaningful relationships with their family, friends, and colleagues. The Cafferty family continue to celebrate their legacy, no matter where in the world they live, as they remain proud of their shared history and family heritage.

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Cafferty: Where does the name Cafferty come from?

The surname Cafferty is most commonly found in Ireland today. The name most likely has its origins in the Irish/Gaelic name Mac an Mhaoir, which means son of the steward. The surname Caffery is found mainly in Counties Clare and Cork in Ireland as well as in Ulster and some parts of Scotland. It is also found in some other countries, such as Australia and the United States.

The Caffertys from County Clare often spelt their surname as Caffrey, whereas the Caffertys from County Cork often spelt their name Caffery. Records show that the first recorded spelling of the Cafferty surname was found in the year 1607, in County Galway.

The Cafferty name is still quite popular in Ireland today, with the occurrence of the name listed in the Top 2000 Irish surnames. While some Caffertys have remained in Ireland, a significant number of the family have emigrated to the US and Australia, where the name is also popular.

In Canada, the surname is mainly found in Ontario, while in the United States it is recorded in all the states but most commonly found in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.

Caffertys have also been found in Australia, Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, with the highest concentration of the surname being found in England.

Variations of the surname Cafferty

The surname Cafferty is an anglicized version of the Gaelic name Mac Caffertaigh. It is derived from the Irish word caffer meaning 'bold', 'energetic' or 'mighty'. Variants of this surname include McGaffertaigh, MacDuffy, MacFarty, MacGaffertaigh, McGafftaigh, Caffity, Cafferky, Cafferty, Gaffertaigh, McAffertaigh, McEfterty and McKaffertaigh, among others.

In addition to the surname variations, there are also various spellings of Cafferty. Common spellings are Caffertay, Caffertaye, Caffertey, Caffertie, Caffertaighe, Caffertayghe, Caffertaigh, Caffertaygh, Caffertargh and Caffertagh.

Many of the surnames with the same root as Cafferty can be seen in Scotland, as they are often found in records of the Scottish immigrants to Ireland and then to the United States and other English-speaking countries. These include Mac an Tuirigh, Mac an Cantail, Mac an Phairc, Mac an Trigh, Mac an Fhailighe, Mac an Bhaird, and Mac an Ealaigh.

The surnames listed above are all variant spellings of Cafferty. Over the years, Cafferty has also been translated into its English equivalents, such as Duffey, Fary, Gaffery, and Efterty. Despite the many spellings of the surname, all of these families have a common Gaelic heritage.

Famous people with the name Cafferty

  • John Cafferty: Singer, guitarist, and leader of the band The Beaver Brown Band
  • Conor Cafferty: British actor
  • Ericka Cafferty: German professional beach volleyball player
  • Charlotte Cafferty: British actress and model
  • Peter Cafferty: American judge and politician
  • Stephen Cafferty: Irish politician and minister
  • Robert Cafferty: Radio host and successful voice actor
  • James Cafferty: Former Australian rules footballer
  • Shannon Cafferty: Canadian soccer player
  • Gordon Cafferty: British actor and comedian

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