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Surname Caglar - Meaning and Origin

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Caglar: What does the surname Caglar mean?

The last name Caglar is of Turkish origin and means “hawk.” It is a common Turkish surname that carries a connection to nature and strength.

In Turkish culture, the hawk is seen as a symbol of courage and power. It is thought to be a herald of good fortune and the bringer of success, which makes the hawk a highly esteemed animal in Turkish culture. The Caglar surname carries this same power and status, implying that the family has strength, courage, and purpose.

This association with the idea of courage and power has made the Caglar name a proud and respected one. It has roots in the ancient Turkish culture, and was a proud symbol of the Caglar family’s faith and dedication to their values.

Today, the Caglar surname carries this same strength and courage with it. Those who bear the Caglar name are known to have a headstrong character and the courage to overcome adversity. These qualities have helped the Caglar family become prominent in Turkish society and its descendants live all around the world.

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Caglar: Where does the name Caglar come from?

The last name Caglar is most commonly found in Turkey and amongst Turkish immigrants as well as people of Turkish descent in other countries. Caglar is a patronymic surname, originating from the name Caglar, common as a given name in the Turkish language. It is estimated that the name is carried by some 50,000 people throughout the world.

In the United States, the name Caglar is becoming increasingly common, with Turkish immigrants settling in different parts of the country. Over the last several years, there has been a rise in Turkish and Turkish American families, leading this surname to become more visible and widespread in the US.

In Europe, the name Caglar is found mostly in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany. Since Turkey is a part of the European Union, this has enabled many Turkish people to move to Europe and settle in different countries. This has led to greater visibility for the name Caglar in recent years.

In Turkey itself, the name is among the most common in the country. This is due to the fact that Caglar is a Turkish given name, meaning "leader", and has been in use for centuries in the country.

All in all, the last name Caglar is most common in Turkey, while also becoming increasingly popular among Turkish immigrants and people of Turkish descent in other countries, including the US, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.

Variations of the surname Caglar

The surname Caglar has various variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. The most common spelling of the name is Caglar. However, the name may also be spelled as Çağlar, Çaglar and Çağla. These variations come from the Turkish and Turkish-influenced cultures, and the “Ç” is the equivalent of the “C” in the English alphabet.

The surname is also found in other cultures, including Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and regions of India and Pakistan. In Azerbaijan, the name is spelled as Taghlar, and in Afghanistan the spelling changes to Chaghla. In India and Pakistan, the surname is spelled Usman Chagla, with the 'Chagla' part coming from the Caglar spelling.

Other spellings and variants around the world include Cagliar, Chaigla, Chagla, Tagla, Tanagr, Tanagrelli, and Tanagrillo. These spellings come from other languages and cultures, and can also be used to honor or recognize a more distant origin of the family name.

Furthermore, other surnames derived from Caglar include Cagla, Chaglay, Kaglar, and Tagla. All of these variants and spellings can be found in the records of people with the surname Caglar.

Famous people with the name Caglar

  • Cansu Caglar: Turkish retail business executive and former country manager of retail stores Zeynep Tuncay and Tekzen.
  • Sertac Caglar: Turkish football player who currently plays for Dynamo Dresden.
  • Sukru Caglar: Turkish biophysicist and former president of the Turkish Academy of Sciences.
  • Ayse Caglar: Turkish high jumper and All-Athletics.
  • Cem Caglar: Turkish actor, best known for his works in Ceylanim, Sahsiyet and Mucize 2.
  • Mutlu Caglar: Turkish actor and social media star who works primarily in web-based films.
  • Sadik Caglar: Turkish poet, novelist and editor, best known for the works of Karanlikta Saatler and Sonsuz.
  • Emre Caglar: Turkish businessman and entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Caglar Group.
  • Demis Caglar: Turkish journalist and news anchor for news outlet Haber Turk.
  • Songul Caglar: American singer-songwriter, who has released a number of albums including Butterfly and Sanagi.

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