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Surname Caile - Meaning and Origin

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Caile: What does the surname Caile mean?

The last name Caile is of English origin and it derived from the Latin word 'Caulis' which translates as “stalk or stem”. It was an occupational name for a farmer who grew stalks. This name is mainly found in the southwestern part of England.

Furthermore, it is believed the Caile family originated in either Cornwall or Devon around the 15th century. They were prominent landowners in the area and held large agricultural estates. The Caile family evolved and spread out within those two countries and later to other parts of England and even to the United States.

The spelling of the Caile name has changed over time and variations include Cale, Caill, Cayle, and Caille. The most popular variation is believed to be Caile, and this form of the name can be traced back to the 1800’s.

Another interesting point about the Caile family is its coat of arms, which consists of a blue shield with a bend and three casques. This symbolizes the family's strength, courage, leadership, and determination.

The ancient surname Caile gives insight to the admirable origins of the family and has now become a part of history.

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Caile: Where does the name Caile come from?

The last name Caile is most commonly found today in the United States. In 2020, it ranked 11,336th in popularity among the country's total surnames, with an estimated 895 bearers. Caile is generally found in the Southern states, particularly North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Mississippi. It is also common in some Midwest locales like Missouri and Kansas and along the East Coast in states like Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The Spanish form of the surname, Caille, is likewise found in the United States - particularly in the areas along the Mexican border. It is slightly more popular outside the US, in countries like Mexico, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The origin of the Caile surname is not known. It's possible the name is of French origin, as a similar spelling (Caille) is found in some French records from the Middle Ages. However, other theories suggest the name is of Spanish or comes from an Irish immigrant.

Whatever its origin, Caile is a relatively uncommon surname, but an interesting one nevertheless. If you're interested in learning more, there are many resources available online to explore the history of the Caile name.

Variations of the surname Caile

The surname Caile originates from the Irish Gaelic language and can be spelt in several ways including Caile, Caille, Cayle, Cahill and MacCahill. It is an Anglicised version of the Irish surname MacCathail, which is derived from the Gaelic personal name Cathal. In Scotland, the surname is sometimes spelt Coyle.

Caile is an Irish surname deriving from the old Gaelic of MacCathail, meaning son of Cathal. Cathal was a first name, meaning “ancient or wise one” that would have been given to a respected elder or leader in the community. The Cormaic Mac Airt (Prophecies of Ireland) viewed Cathal as one of Ireland’s ancient national heroes.

In the spelling of Cahill, this originates from MacCathail and Caomh, which means gentle or revered. In this spelling, the family were originally believed to be one of the ruling families of Thomond. They resided in what is now County Clare and were Chiefs of the Fiants.

Caille is the French spelling of the surname, believed to be derived from the Gaelic Coole or Caol, which means slender. This spelling of the surname was attributed mainly to immigrants who travelled from Ireland to France in the 1800s.

In Scotland, the surname is spelt Coyle. This variant is thought to be derived from the Gaelic Mac an Choiligh, which means son of the peaceful one. This variant is predominantly found among Catholic Scots in the Highlands and especially in west Ulster.

Overall, the surname Caile has multiple variants, spellings and origin stories. Each spelling has its own unique history and background attached which offers further insights into the history of the family surname.

Famous people with the name Caile

  • Harry Caile—a motivational speaker and author
  • Anthony Caile—a professional boxer and dance instructor
  • Ellie Caile—an actress who recently starred in the movie "On the Edge of Tomorrow"
  • Simon Caile—a cyclist who represented Great Britain in the Tour de France
  • Michael Caile—a former professional tennis player
  • Jake Caile—a professional golfer who competed on the PGA Tour
  • Jessica Caile—a singer-songwriter who has released five albums
  • William Caile—a three-time Emmy Award-winning actor
  • Frederick Caile—a visual effects artist who has worked on several Marvel films
  • Anita Caile—a fashion designer and member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)

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