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Surname Cakir - Meaning and Origin

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Cakir: What does the surname Cakir mean?

The last name Cakir is believed to be of Turkish origin and is a patronymic or hereditary last name that means "son of the noble one." The Turkish cakir word is translated as "leader," "master," or "nobleman," symbolizing the authority, nobility, and respect of a family name.

Cakir is also a variant spelling of Cakmak, a term which means "flint stone." This reflects the strength associated with the last name, setting the bearer apart from others and giving them a determined and resilient nature.

In Iran, the last name is also very common and is derived from Gakhar which is from the same Indo-Iranian language as the Turkish variation of the name. It can mean "powerful" and "influential" when used in contrast with the ordinary person.

Today, this last name is found in many parts of the world, such as Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Albania, and Bulgaria. As it is continued to be passed down through generations, the name Cakir symbolizes the strength, influence, and legacy of a family’s culture and identity.

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Cakir: Where does the name Cakir come from?

The last name Cakir is most common today among modern day Turks. It is extremely popular in Turkey where it is the 187th most common surname with 88,267 people in the country bearing it. It is also common in parts of the former Ottoman Empire, particularly in the Middle East and the Balkans.

In addition, the last name Cakir has become widespread in a number of diasporic Turkish communities. For example, it is very common among the large scattered Turkish population of Germany, where it ranks 96th in frequency and has been borne by around 32,000 people. In France, a nation with a notable community of Turks, the last name Cakir is the 164th most popular, with 9,078 people holding it. In Australia, Cakir is the 257th most common surname, with 4,127 individuals bearing it.

In the United States, the last name Cakir is far less common. It is the 5,993rd most frequent surname, with approximately 1,736 people in the country holding it. It appears to be more concentrated in large cities, like Istanbul, Ankara, and Adana.

Although the last name Cakir has become more widespread in recent years, it is most prevalent among modern day Turks and their diasporic communities.

Variations of the surname Cakir

The surname Cakir is a Turkish surname derived from the Turkish word "cakirmak," which means “to be clever.” It is most closely associated with Turkey, but can also be found in other countries in the region, including Syria and Iraq.

Variants of this surname include Chaker, Chakir, Çakir, Çaker, Çekeir and Çaker; most of these spellings vary depending on regional dialect and language.

In some cases, the surname Cakir can also take the form of a patronymic, such as Cakiroğlu, meaning “son of Cakir.” Depending on the country, this can also be spelled Çakiroğlu.

Other related surnames include Chakkary, Chakmary, Chakar and Chakr. All of these are derived from the same Turkish root word, cakirmak, and all signify those “who are clever.”

It is also common for Cakir to be used as a given name. In Turkish culture, it is considered good luck to name a son Cakir due to the positive connotations of the root name.

Overall, the surname Cakir has a variety of different spellings and surnames, all tracing back to the Turkish word cakirmak and its positive meaning of “being clever.”

Famous people with the name Cakir

  • Ece Cakir: Director, producer, and screenwriter from Turkey
  • Engin Cakir: Professional Footballer from Turkey
  • Cenk Cakir: Media executive and entrepreneur from Turkey
  • Selman Cakir: Dunk artist and professional basketball player from Turkey
  • Ufuk Cakir: Professional basketball player from Turkey
  • Emre Cakir: Basketball player from Turkey
  • Bahadir Cakir: Basketball player from Turkey
  • Fahriye Cakir: Actress from Turkey
  • Beyza Cakir: Music artist from Turkey
  • Hasan Zeki Cakir: Poet from Turkey
  • Ismail Hami Cakir: Novelist and short story writer from Turkey
  • Mevlut Cavusoglu: Former Foreign Minister from Turkey
  • Selahattin Cakir: Artist and calligrapher from Turkey
  • Ozcan Cakir: Footballer from Turkey
  • Fikret Cakir: Footballer from Turkey
  • Sukru Cakir: Wrestler from Turkey
  • Aziz Cakir: Author from Turkey
  • Uygar Nail Cakir: Film maker from Turkey
  • Salih Cakir: Professional footballer from Turkey
  • Hamit Cakir: Professional footballer from Turkey

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