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Surname Capal - Meaning and Origin

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Capal: What does the surname Capal mean?

The surname Capal does not have a universally recognized meaning tied to it due to its unique quality and lesser-known origins. It isn't easy to trace it back to one specific place or language. Capal could potentially be a variant spelling of other surnames, involves some degree of misinterpretation over generations, or might be related to a specific geographical location, trade, or personal characteristic of an ancestor. Hence, more information such as geographic, ethnic, or religious background might be necessary for a more accurate interpretation. Additionally, in popular Filipino slang, "capal" translates to "thick-faced," referring to someone shameless or bold, but it may not have any connection to the surname. It’s also possible that people who carry this surname are of diverse historical and genealogical backgrounds and that it means different things in different contexts.

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Capal: Where does the name Capal come from?

The surname Capal is quite rare and may have multiple origins due to the variation in global surnames. One possibility is that it's of British origin, likely Welsh, derived from "capel" meaning chapel. Another potential origin may be Spanish, where "capal" refers to a yoke for oxen. Also, it could have Jewish roots from the Hebrew name "Kaplan" meaning "priest".

In terms of where it's common today, because it's not a very common surname, comprehensive data on its distribution around the world is limited. General observations suggest that individuals with the Capal surname are found across the globe, including in nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Certain online databases indicate its presence in the Philippines as well. As with many surnames though, migration and ancestry can make it hard to establish a simple connection between a surname and its country of origin. Currently, it does not seem to be especially common in any particular region or country.

Variations of the surname Capal

The surname Capal may vary significantly depending on geographic origin, national history, cultural nuances, and language dynamics. Variations could include Capel, Kapel, Capell, Capelli, Capels, Kapell, Kapells, Capaldi, and Kapaldi.

Among these, Capel is a topographic last name for a person who lived near a chapel, derived from the Old French term "chapel". This version could appear more in France and English-speaking countries. The variation Kapel is similarly of German origins.

On the other hand, Capelli is an Italian variant meaning "hair", originally a nickname for a man with a distinctive haircut or perhaps a hairdresser. Capaldi is another Italian version, typically from the northern part of the country.

These surnames can also have several derivative forms that are patronymic or matronymic (“son of” or “daughter of”), like Capelson or Kapelson.

Some modified versions might use additional syllables or changed spellings according to local phonetic idiosyncrasies within different cultures, dialects, and languages. These might be influenced by personal, familiar, or regional choice, phonetic translation, or a conscious change for personal reasons, such as immigration or preference.

Famous people with the name Capal

  • Alessandro Capal: a German actor who has appeared in films such as Die Ariel, Das Leben nach dem Tod and the TV series Kommissar Rex.
  • Tony Capal: a New Zealand contemporary of Italian heritage.
  • Steve Capal: a New Zealand international rugby union player who played for the Māori all Blacks in the 1997 Rugby World Cup.
  • Xavier Capal: a Spanish actor who has been cast in films such as La Pelicula, Si Te Dicen Que Te Quiero, La Prision de Las Palabras.
  • Alex Capal: a professional actor from the UK. He has appeared in multiple television shows such as Black Mirror, Casualty and Doctors.
  • Josie Capal: a fashion designer and TV presenter from New Zealand.
  • Louis Capal: a French musician and composer who has written the music for several films such as Les Estivants.
  • Antoine Capal: a former French professional football player who played for RC Lens.
  • Viviane Capal: an Italian businesswoman and manager. She is the CEO and founder of the Capal Group.
  • Robert Capal: an American film director and producer. He has been behind the directing of films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and Chasing Mavericks.

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