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Surname Cardell - Meaning and Origin

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Cardell: What does the surname Cardell mean?

The last name Cardell is of Germanic origin and is derived from the personal given name 'Carl'. The meaning of Carl is "man". Cardell is an occupational surname; the people who first bore this name likely worked as a professional making or selling cards. Cards were used for playing games, to document genealogies, and was even used to call a vote in medieval Germany.

Cardell is a rare name and is most common in Germany, North Rhineland-Westphalia, and Bavaria. It may have also been adopted through migration to places such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

The Cardell surname is thought to represent strength, power, and resilience. The people who carry this name are likely to be goal-oriented and work hard to achieve success. They tend to take initiative and are also the type of person to always keep their word.

The Cardell last name is a unique and special name to carry. Those with this name are sure to have an impact on the world due to their strength and determination.

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Cardell: Where does the name Cardell come from?

The last name Cardell is most common today in the Northern regions of Italy, specifically in magazines, communities, and valleys of the Italian Alps. The Cardell surname is derived from the Latin root “cardus”, meaning “thistle”, thus its popularity in Alpine regions.

In Venice, the Cardell surname can be traced back to the mid 1500's, as part of the Serenissima Republic of Venice. At the time, it was a name of distinction and honour. Ever since, the Cardell family tree has been growing and is now mostly concentrated in the northern regions of Italy, where it is still highly regarded.

In Italy today, Cardell is a popular last name in the provinces of Brescia, Pavia, Venezia, and Trento, as well as other cities in the Lombardy, Veneto, and Emilia-Romagna regions. The Cardell surname is still heavily represented in other Northern Italian regions such as Liguria, Marche, Piedmont, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Outside of Italy, the Cardell surname can be found in cities of Latin America, particularly Brazil and Argentina. Additionally, there are Cardell families in Malta, Germany, France, and even Africa, making this a worldwide phenomenon.

The Cardell families of the world still maintain the pride of their heritage, keeping the legacy alive while adapting to their new environments and modern lifestyle.

Variations of the surname Cardell

The surname Cardell can have several different spellings, variants and surnames of the same origin. The most common variants of the surname Cardell are Cardall, Cardillo, Cardillo, Cardilll, Cardwell, Cardewell, Cardewell and Cardullo. These variants are often seen in variant spellings in different countries, like Carriel, Cardiel and Cardel in Spain and Carialle, Carderel and Cardelle in France.

Cardell is of patronymic origin derived from the personal name Card, a pronunciation variant of McCard, which was introduced into England from Scotland. The Scottish derivation is from the Gaelic Mac Cardy, meaning 'son of Cardy'. The personal name Cardy being a pet form of the ancient Celtic name Macard, meaning 'Son of the High Chieftain'. The most ancient record of the name Cardell dates back to 1240 in England, when a Cristina Cardell appeared in the Lincolnshire Assize Rolls.

The Cardell surname can also be found in east European countries like Hungary, where it is spelled as Kardell or Kardel, and in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, where it is spelled as Kardell, Cardell or Kardel.

It is also thought that the Cardell surname is of Jewish origin, some families with this surname converting to Christianity many generations ago in order to escape religious persecution. As an example, the Cardell family who migrated from Bavaria to England around the late 1700s is believed to have Jewish ancestry. As well as being recorded in England, Cardell families also appear in countries with historically large Jewish populations, like Germany and Ukraine.

Finally, the Italian surname of the same origin is Cardile or Cardillo, and the Jewish surname Cardille. All of which are thought to be variations and spelling variants of the same surname.

Famous people with the name Cardell

  • Adam Cardell: British extreme freerunner and stunt performer
  • Ali Cardell: American model and cosmetic inventor
  • Brent Cardell: Australian Opera Singer
  • Carlos Cardell: Argentine jazz musician and composer
  • Ed Cardell: American broadcaster, comedian, and vocalist
  • Gilbert Cardell: English footballer
  • Tor Cardell: Swedish professional ice hockey player
  • Mark Cardell: British Executive Director of The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Ollie Cardell: British singer-songwriter
  • Ross Cardell: Australian diver

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