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Surname Cardile - Meaning and Origin

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Cardile: What does the surname Cardile mean?

The surname Cardile is believed to be of Italian origin. It is thought to have originated in the south of Italy, and is believed to have derived from the personal name Cardillo, itself derived from the Latin cognomen "Cardellus". Cardus was a generic name used in Latin-speaking regions to describe someone with curly red hair, so it is possible that the Cardile surname derived from someone who was so described.

In words of its actual meaning, Cardile can be taken to mean either 'red-haired' or 'curly-haired'. It is a descriptive surname that was likely to have been initially bestowed upon an individual with a distinctive physical feature like the one described, such as wild, flaming red hair or a distinctive head of tight curls. Over time, it came to be adopted as a hereditary surname by the present-day Cardile family.

Although the exact origin of the Cardile surname is uncertain, it is believed to be of Italian origin, and to have originally been a descriptive name used to refer to someone with a particular physical feature.

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Cardile: Where does the name Cardile come from?

The Cardile surname is most likely of Italian origin. It is common today in both Italy and in the United States.

In Italy, the most recent government census lists the Cardile surname as being present in numerous regions throughout the country. These regions are the Abruzzo, Molise, Latina, Rome, Naples, Genoa, Turin, and Sicily.

In the United States, the 2010 US Census reported the presence of the Cardile surname in 29 states and 1 territory. The states with the most Cardile households were New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Florida, and Illinois.

It is also present in many other countries around the world, such as Canada, England, France, Brazil, Australia, Poland, and Mexico. This is possibly due to both historical migration and modern global mobility, with the Cardile surname being passed on in families from generation to generation.

The Cardile surname is likely derived from the Italian word “cardo,” which means little thistle. Thus, it is possible that the surname has been around in Italy, and other parts of the world, for hundreds of years.

Variations of the surname Cardile

Cardile is an Italian surname, that is derived from the word ‘cardella’, meaning either ‘thistle’ or ‘hinge’. The surname likely coined in the late medieval period, when it was common for families to adopt surnames based on some distinctive quality or characteristic.

The most common variation of the Cardile surname is Cardello, with alternate spellings being Caratello, Cardelli, Cardell, Cardel, and Cardelli.

Cardello is the most prevalent spelling, having origins in Southern Italy. It is most commonly found among the people in the Campania region and in the provinces of Naples and Salerno.

Caratello is another variation which can be found mainly in the central and southern regions of Italy, such as plateaus overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Its origins can be traced back to the Lazio region near Rome.

Cardelli is an offshoot of the Cardello variation. It is primarily found in the Northern regions of Italy, such as in Liguria and Piedmont.

Cardell and Cardel are variations that are generally found in the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland. The variants Cardell and Cardel are also used in the United States, mainly by American-born Italian families who have emigrated there.

The final variation of the Cardile surname is Cardelli, which has its roots in the Genoa region of Northwest Italy. It is a variant that is much less common than the other spelling variations.

All of these variant spellings of the Cardile surname share common roots and a similar pronunciation in Italian. They represent the diverse geographical and cultural influences that have shaped the history of the Cardile surname over time.

Famous people with the name Cardile

  • Mirella Cardile: A British actor known for her roles in the British soap opera EastEnders and the television series Hollyoaks.
  • Francesco Cardile: An Italian fashion designer best known for his elegant evening collections for women.
  • Pino Cardile: An Italian pop singer who became famous in the 1980s for his chart-topping singles.
  • Aldo Cardile: An Italian sculptor and painter known for his bronze and steel sculptures.
  • Gino Cardile: An Italian cinematographer who has worked on films such as The Leopard, The Godfather, and Amarcord.
  • Marc Cardile: A French-American DJ and producer known for his work with electronic music artist Jean-Michel Jarre. 7.Pat Cardile: An Italian jazz singer and songwriter who was part of the jazz revival in Italy.
  • Serafina Cardile: A professional ice skater who won three Italian Figure Skating Championships.
  • Nicoletta Cardile: An Italian film and television actress who has been a main cast member on the television series Ciao Darwin.
  • Angela Cardile: An Italian sculptor and painter known for her abstract and Cubist-style works.

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