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Surname Cargile - Meaning and Origin

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Cargile: What does the surname Cargile mean?

The surname Cargile is believed to be of Scottish origin, derived from the Gaelic name "MacArgyll" which loosely translates to "son of Argyll." The name Argyll itself comes from the region of Argyll in western Scotland, known for its rugged highlands and beautiful islands. This region was once a medieval kingdom that played a significant role in the history of Scotland. It is thought that those bearing the surname Cargile may be descendants of individuals who came from this area. The surname has undergone various spelling changes over the years, evolving from "MacArgyll" to "Cargill" and then to "Cargile". Like many surnames, the original meaning and significance of Cargile can shed light on a family's ancestral roots, in this case, hinting towards Scottish heritage and a likely connection to the Argyll region. However, exact lineage and specific meaning can often vary among different families that carry the same surname.

Cargile: Where does the name Cargile come from?

The last name Cargile is of Scottish origin. It is believed to be derived from the Scottish name "Cargill," which is a habitational name from a place near Blairgowrie in Perthshire. The Place name is derived from the Gaelic terms "car" or "cathair," which mean rock, and "gille," which means servant. So, metaphorically, the name could mean 'servant of the rock.'

Today, the surname Cargile can be found in various countries around the world due to migration, diaspora, and natural spread. However, it is prevalent in the United States, especially in Alabama and Texas. This prevalence in the U.S. can be attributed to Scottish immigration during the colonial period and the years following. Additionally, due to the Scottish roots of the name, it can also be found in Scotland and other parts of the UK, though to a lesser extent.

Variations of the surname Cargile

The surname Cargile is of Scottish origin and pertains to the broader category of surnames that were derived from geographic locations. The name Cargile might have come from a place known as "Cargill" located in east-central Scotland, near the city of Perth. Moreover, other variations of the surname Cargile could include Cargill, Cargyle, Cargyll, Carghile, Cargille, and Kargile.

Additionally, due to the migration of individuals over time and the anglicization process, there may be other spelling variants of the name. Phonetic similarity often guides these variations, and names could be changed based on personal preference, literacy levels, or errors in written records.

It should be noted that the existence of a certain variant of this name depends on individual family histories and may not apply universally to all people with the original surname. Furthermore, every alternate spelling might not be acknowledged in historical documents.

Famous people with the name Cargile

  • Alicia Cargile: She is an American visual effects producer known for working on notable films like "Killer Elite," "End of Watch," and "R.I.P.D." She received significant media attention for her relationship with actress Kristen Stewart.
  • Stephanie Cargile: A corporate executive, Cargile has worked as a public relations manager for Exxon Mobil.
  • Bryant Cargile: He is a well-known fishing expert and host of the outdoor show "Sweetwater."
  • Jenny Cargile: She is a known CrossFit athlete who participated in several CrossFit games. Unfortunately, the Cargile surname is not a common one in the entertainment or sports industries, limiting the number of widely recognized figures.

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