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Surname Carnal - Meaning and Origin

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Carnal: What does the surname Carnal mean?

The surname Carnal is of French origin, derived from the Middle French term "carnel," meaning carnal or sensual. It was historically used as a nickname for someone who exhibited physical desires or appetites. Nicknames often became surnames in the Middle Ages to help differentiate between people with the same first names. The first recorded spelling of the family name is in the 12th Century in France. Like many surnames, geographical distribution of the Carnal surname is spread across various countries, including France, England, and the United States. It's important to note that the meaning of a surname does not generally reflect on the nature of individuals who bear the surname today since surnames were typically established many generations ago.

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Carnal: Where does the name Carnal come from?

The last name Carnal is of Anglo-Saxon origin, tracing back to early medieval England. The term derived from the Old English word "cyrlen," which means "small piece of land," indicating that the original bearers occupied such a place. Alternatively, it might have been an occupational name for individuals involved in the meat trade, derived from the Middle English "carn," indicating flesh or meat. Today, the surname Carnal is not remarkably common in any specific geographic location. However, a moderate prevalence may be observed in the United States, specifically in the states of Kentucky and Indiana. Some degrees of occurrence may also be found in England and other countries like France and Spain. As with many surnames, the distribution of Carnal has spread especially due to historical migration and population movements.

Variations of the surname Carnal

Carnal is a surname with potential origins in both England and France. Hence, its variations can be found in these languages. The English variations of Carnal include Cornell, Cornwell, Carne, Carnell, Karnell, Kornell, Cornall, Cornill, Cornelle, Cornelle, Karnal, Kernall, Kernell, and Kernal.

In the French language, variations may include Carneal, Carnaux, Carneaux, Carné, and Carnot. These variants evolved due to a common practice in the Middle Ages where scribes and church officials often spelled the name phonetically, thus creating numerous spelling variations.

The surname Carnal might also have alternative etymological roots in the Hebrew name "Karnel" which is a variant of the name "Carmel" or the Arabic name "Karnal".

It's worth noting that the use and distribution of these variations can vary widely based on geographic location and cultural influences, and the same surname can even evolve independently in different regions. Therefore, while these names are similar and potentially related, each has its own distinct history and lineage. It's also important to keep in mind that surname distribution and evolution can be complex and influenced by numerous factors, so this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Famous people with the name Carnal

  • Jessica Carnes: player of WVU Mountaineers women's basketball team
  • Cabum: famous Ghanaian hip-hop artist
  • Dave Carnell: former defensive back for the Minnesota Vikings
  • Brad Carnell: former hockey player
  • Brian Carnell: former associate editor of Linux Magazine
  • Jody Carnell: former catcher in Major League Baseball
  • John Carnell: former World War II B-17 Flying Fortress pilot
  • Rolly Carnell: former NFL Football player
  • Joy Carnell: American children’s book author
  • Karen Carnell: former Australian Olympian swimmer
  • Kerry Carnell: guitarist for rock band Idiot Pilot
  • Laura Carnell: dramatist and theatre director
  • Lisa Carnell: musician and singer
  • Mark Carnell: former British field hockey international
  • Michael Carnell: former Canadian Junior National alpine skier
  • Katharine Carnell: former Australian politician
  • Nick Carnell: rock vocalist for the band Sonic Boom Six
  • Steve Carnell: former Australian strongman competitor
  • Amber Carnes: female singer-songwriter
  • Bjorn Carnes: Swedish DJ and producer.

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