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Surname Carric - Meaning and Origin

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Carric: What does the surname Carric mean?

The surname Carric does not have a clear, universally accepted meaning due to its unique and rare usage. It is believed to have various potential origins. It could be a variant of the traditionally Irish surname Carrick, deriving from the Gaelic "Carraig" meaning 'rock'. Thus suggesting an original bearers lived or worked near a prominent rock or rocky area.

Alternatively, it might be of Spanish origin, where "Carrick" or "Carrico" often refers to someone who lived by a rocky terrain. However, such speculations should be taken cautiously, as surnames can undergo numerous alterations over time and across geographies due to differences in language, regional dialect, and handwriting.

Another possibility is a descent from the Scottish surname Carrick, from the district of Carrick in Ayrshire, Scotland. This carries a connotation of someone who hails from this area.

However, without a comprehensive genealogical and linguistic analysis, it is challenging to pinpoint the exact meaning and origins of the surname Carric.

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Carric: Where does the name Carric come from?

The last name Carric appears to originate from Scotland. Etymologically, it is derived from the ancient Gaelic name "MacEarcharna", which means son of Earcharna, a personal name referring to a seafarer or a pilgrim. The family name was first seen in Kintyre, where they held a family seat from very early times. It is difficult to say where the last name Carric is common today as it is quite rare. According to the few available databases, there are people with the last name Carric living in different parts of the world, including America, France, and England. However, it seems there isn't any particular region where it is especially prevalent. Please remember that spelling variations of the same name can also influence the distribution of a last name.

Variations of the surname Carric

The surname Carric is not very common and there's limited information about its variants and origin. However, it seems the surname may have possibly evolved from Celtic or Irish roots. This assumption opens up a range of possible variations and spellings based on similar sounding or looking names. Carric could potentially derive from the Irish surnames Carrick, Carrig or Currick, or even the Scotish Carrick. These all possess origins in geographical names, typically from areas on strong terrain or near rocks.

Potential spelling variations beyond that could include Carrick, Carricke, Carrik, Carrike, Carrich, or Carrack. There may also be potential offshoots of the name such as Kerrick, Corrick or Garrick, based on regional accents and phonetic interpretations.

However, without more specific details on the origin of the name Carric, it's difficult to confidently suggest any direct variants or linked surnames. It's possible that each version of the name could have evolved independently, rather than coming from a unified root surname. One would need more genealogical and etymological data to say with certainty.

Famous people with the name Carric

  • Carlo Carric, Venezuelan artist and illustrator
  • Ignacio Carricajo, Spanish classical guitarist
  • Kamila Carrico, Portuguese actress
  • Patxi Carrico, Spanish football goalkeeper
  • Víctor Carric, Spanish footballer
  • Zini Carric, American actress
  • Kento Carric, Japanese tennis player
  • Seteta Carric, Icelandic singer-songwriter
  • Jone Carric, Icelandic photographer
  • Raymund Carric, Filipino television director

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