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Surname Cash - Meaning and Origin

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U. Cash

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Cash: What does the surname Cash mean?

The last name Cash is of English origin and it is derived from various sources. One possible origin is from a nickname for someone who was a duellist or a moneylender, based on the Middle English word "cas(s)", which meant "case" or "container," in this context likely referring to a money chest. Another possibility is from the Old French word "cachier" meaning "to chase," thus denoting someone who was a hunter. There is also speculation that it could be derived from the Gaelic "ceas" meaning "pathway", referring to someone who lived by a notable path or roadway. People surnamed Cash might find their ancestors originating from Britain or Ireland, noting that this surname is prominent in Leinster, Ireland. Like many surnames, different families with this name may have different origins. Famous people with the surname include the well-known American musician Johnny Cash.

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Cash: Where does the name Cash come from?

The surname Cash is of English and French origin and is derived from the Old French "cassa" or "cachier", meaning ''to chase or to hunt''. It is an occupational surname given to a hunter or someone who chased someone for a living (like a tax collector or debt collector). The surname was first found in Cambridgeshire, England in the early 13th century. In Ireland, it was adopted by the Gaelic clan O'Caiside of County Cavan.

The surname Cash is also present in the U.S, largely due to the popularity of the American singer-songwriter Johnny Cash. However, it is especially common in England and Ireland. With increased global mobility, it can be found in Australia, Canada, and other parts of the world too. Records indicate the Cash surname is widely distributed across the U.S with a higher concentration in South Eastern states like Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Despite its wide distribution, it's still not a very common surname according to the U.S census data.

Variations of the surname Cash

The surname Cash might have multiple origins, and has been spelled in several ways throughout history. Cash could be an anglicised form of the Irish surname Ó Caise, which was particularly prevalent in the province of Leinster. The adoption of Cash was likely during a time of Anglicization of Irish names in the colonies or in Ireland. Also, it might have been an occupational name for a box maker, derived from Norman French "Caisse."

Several variations of the name may exist due to different spellings over time, variations in translation and pronunciations. Some common variants that you might see are Cais, Caish, Cashe, and Cashon.

Some researchers also link the surname Cash to the Jewish surname "Katz," which is an acronym of the Hebrew words "Kohen Tzadik," meaning "righteous priest."

It's important to note that due to regional variations and the evolution of language, surnames can become highly individualized, leading to the creation of many more variants of original names. Therefore, these are just a few examples, and there may be other variants and spellings that are less common.

Famous people with the name Cash

  • Johnny Cash: World-renowned American singer-songwriter, known for his deep, resonant voice and hits like "I Walk the Line" and "Ring of Fire".
  • June Carter Cash: Wife of Johnny Cash, also a singer-songwriter, actress, and part of the legendary Carter Family.
  • Rosanne Cash: American singer-songwriter and author, and daughter of Johnny Cash, she has scored 21 top-40 country hits.
  • John Carter Cash: Also a singer-songwriter and producer, son of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.
  • Tommy Cash: American country singer-songwriter and younger brother of Johnny Cash.
  • Vivian Liberto Cash Distin: The first wife of Johnny Cash, also known for being an author.
  • Cash Warren: American film producer, and husband of actress Jessica Alba, although he's not directly related to the Cash musicians.
  • Cindy Cash: Another daughter of Johnny Cash, she's had occasional acting roles.
  • Tara Cash: Daughter of Johnny Cash who works as a singer.
  • Kathy Cash: Another daughter of Johnny Cash, who isn't in the showbiz industry.
  • Joanne Cash: American Christian/gospel singer and younger sister of Johnny Cash.

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