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Surname Caspi - Meaning and Origin

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Caspi: What does the surname Caspi mean?

The last name Caspi is of Hebrew origin, and it is believed to have either originated in the Silvan region of Turkish Armenia or the Crimean Peninsula. It is a fairly common Jewish surname, with a meaning of "deceiver."

Some believe that the surname Caspi dates back to the Byzantine Empire, with Jewish settlers from the Anatolia region originally taking the surname during the time of Emperor John IV Comnenus in 1204. The Caspi family is also believed to have come from the small Ottoman town of Gockim.

The Caspi surname may also be related to the Hebrew word for bank. This is due to the fact that the word can also be used to signify a "seam" or "connection" which would be important in banking and the lending of money.

It is believed that the Caspi family has roots in countries such as Turkey, Armenia, Greece, and even Italy. The surname is still found in many countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

No matter where the Caspi family originated, it has become an important part of many Jewish communities throughout the world. To this day, the Caspi family still lives on and its members continue to be proud of their history and their unique surname.

Caspi: Where does the name Caspi come from?

The last name Caspi is a Jewish surname and is generally most common in Israel today. It originated in Eastern Europe in the 16-17th centuries and is thought to have derives from the Hebrew word "Kaspi," which means "crown."

This surname is widely spread among Sephardic Jews who settled in Greece, Italy, and the Ottoman Empire during the early years of the 20th century. It can also be found in many Jewish populations in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, as well as in Ashkenazi communities in Central Europe. After World War II, many members of this family moved to the United States, Australia, and South America.

In modern Israel, the name Caspi has become increasingly more common. This is likely due to the large numbers of Jews that emigrated from Europe to the Middle East following World War II.

Today, there are a number of prominent people with the last name Caspi in Israel, including a number of film and television stars, scientists, academics, and even politicians. Additionally, this surname is very common among people of Tunisian and Moroccan descent in Israel.

Furthermore, there are a few people with the last name Caspi living outside of Israel — they can typically be found in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Variations of the surname Caspi

The surname Caspi is an Ashkenazi Jewish name of Mediterranean origin that has a number of variants, spellings, and surnames associated with it.

Some of the variant spellings of Caspi include Caspe, Caspei, Casper, Caspi, Caspy, Kaspi, Kaspy, Kasper, and Kaspe. Each of these spellings may be occasionally seen in different countries. For example, in some Mediterranean countries of Spain and Italy, the surname is seen as Caspe; and in the Netherlands and Germany it is seen as Kasper.

The original origin of the surname likely began with the name "Kasper." This was the Greek and Latin form of the Hebrew name "Casper," which means "treasurer." Thus, the phrase "de Kasper" was assigned to identify a person who was an official treasurer. This eventually evolved into Caspi or Kaspi.

Related surnames of Caspi include Caspar, Casperl, Kaspers, Kaspersky, Kaspersen, Kasprowicz, Kasprzyk, Casperel, Casperelli, Kaspersen, Kaspryk, Kasprzak, and Kasprzyk. For example, Casperel means "treasurer of God" or "God's minister." Kaspersen means "son of Kasper," and Kasprzyk means "son of Kaspar."

Additionally, some families may have adopted different surnames over the years to separate themselves from other families sharing the same last name. For example, some families that changed their surnames would have adopted other surnames, such as de Caspey, de Casteleo, de Casperson, and de Casphon.

In conclusion, Caspi is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname of Mediterranean origin with a number of variants, spellings, and surnames associated with it.

Famous people with the name Caspi

  • Amit Caspi: an Israeli singer-songwriter
  • Avshalom Caspi: a professor of Developmental Psychopathology at the University College London
  • Dan Caspi: a producer of commercials, video and films
  • Efraim Caspi: an Israeli journalist
  • Einat Caspi: an Israeli actress and TV presenter
  • Hillel Caspi: founder of the Caspi Center for Israeli Education
  • Julie Caspi: an American-Israeli model
  • Maeil Caspi: a social activist in disability advocacy
  • Naomi Caspi: an Israeli entrepreneur and speaker
  • Rafi Caspi: an Israeli businessman and film producer
  • Shai Caspi: an Israeli actor and singer-songwriter
  • Yehuda Caspi: an Israeli environmentalist

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